Oregon is a destination that will quite literally, take your breath away with endless beauty from picturesque snow capped mountains, to forests dripping in vibrant green moss. There are beaches that take you up and through the mountains, waterfalls dotting the landscape before dropping you at the ocean’s doorstep.

Of all the many places we’ve lived throughout the years, none compares to the beauty of Oregon. The hubster and I took up hiking, discovering cascading waterfalls and vistas overlooking gorges and almost undisturbed forests with happy critters.

My love of photography was in overdrive, as I brought out my Canon Camera and explored my new home state. Below, are a few of the moments in time I capture along my adventures.

So put on your sneakers and let’s explore Oregon, shall we?

crater lake Oregon

This, my friends, is the famous Crater Lake, some of the purest water in the world due to the absence of pollutants.  However, this world wonder is known for its stunning cobalt blue water, which is due to several natural factors.

This being a crater, gives it great depth.  The sunlight penetrates deep into the pure water, reflecting violet blue light, one of the many reasons this sleeping volcano is so spectacular.

crater lake Oregon blue water

Looking down on the shores of Crater Lake.  How about that blue water?

Japanese maple fall

Fall in Oregon is a spectacle of leaves transforming themselves into new, bold colors.  This park was less than 3 miles from our old home and I spent many mornings walking the beautiful grounds, visiting the koi fish and photographing nature.

fall leaves on wet road

I stumbled upon this rainbow carpet of leaves while taking a walk through my former neighborhood.  I shot it from many different angles and spots along the street until I captured the magic of this street scene.

snowy Oregon forest

Across the street from our former home, was a magnificent nature park with trails, deer, mossy trees and bunnies galore.  We got a random monster snow storm which resulted in us being happily snowed in for a week.  I spent hours across the street in my snow gear, shoot videos and photos of the big fluffy snowflakes as they floated down from the sky.

Oregon waterfall

Believe it or not, we came across this waterfall on a hike one afternoon and it wasn’t even that far up the path.  Oregon gets so much rain annually, waterfalls are common, yet one never tires of soaking in their beauty.

cannon beach Oregon sunset

Heading to the beach for the day in Oregon, often involved parka like outerwear and hot coffee after strolling along the shore, but worth battling sleet and chilly temps.  This photo was taken at sunset on a sunny day, the clouds just beginning their colorful transformation.

starfish in tide pool

One of our favorite beach spots is Cannon Beach, famous for Haystack Rock and it’s tide pools which are filled with starfish, muscles, and many other sea critters.  If you watch the top of Haystack Rock, you’ll often see eagles nesting and in flight, searching for a meal.

Well luvs, that’s a wrap on this Oregon vacation.  I might do a follow up in the future, since I have so many photos from the Pacific Northwest to share.

Until next time, may your days be filled with much happiness and joy.

With luv,

Jonet & Daisy Mae

jonet wooten walking dog

2 Comments on Travel Destination Oregon

  1. Julie
    February 28, 2019 at 4:38 am (7 months ago)

    Great article. You definitely have an eye for photography!! I have spent a little time in the Northwest and you have captured her spirit with your natural ease behind the lens. Canon, of course.

    • jonet
      February 28, 2019 at 9:38 am (7 months ago)

      Thanks, Julie. Photography has always been my passion and my first blog was all about photography. There is such peace, joy and an adrenaline rush when embarking upon nature photography adventures. In Texas, I used to spend hours shooting Koi Fish (armed only with my Canon Camera) watching them interact, eat and do water ballet was pure magic.

      Glad you’ve seen the Pacific Northwest in all her glory.

      Sending big hugs your way, luv,

      XoXo, Jonet


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