healthy banana strawberry smoothie recipe

An Easy Peasy Healthy & Delicious Smoothie, No Delivery Necessary

What happens when you blend together organic mixed berries, ripe bananas, apple sauce, carrot juice, cashew milk with a healthy dash of organic cinnamon?

Let’s see, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, skin-loving, immune and brain functioning powers, and that’s just the entree. We’ve got the entire list of body loving goodness below, don’t blink or click away.

One of the most cheerful (I’ve literally nicknamed her “Sunshine”) women I’ve had the pleasure to “meet”, is my blogging buddy, Amy Kennedy of Your Favorite Chapter.

With sweet Amy’s permission, I’ve put my own spin on her yummy smoothie recipe. This might come as a shock to my family, but I did what I do with almost every dish I make, throw everything in but the kitchen sink. Hmmm, no wonder the hubby loves take out!

banana smoothie ingredients recipe

1: For my Banana Strawberry Smoothie recipe, I started with Costco’s organic frozen berry blend, which includes, strawberries, blueberries, dark cherries and raspberries. Sounds good already, right?

2: Add 2 bananas

3: Add apple sauce

4: Carrot juice

5: Cashew milk

6: Cinnamon

Sidenote, this is not your professional chef or blogger’s recipe, this is Granny style! A dash of this, enough of that to your liking!

healthy banana strawberry smoothie recipe

Berries ~ Rich in antioxidants and good for the skin

Bananas ~ Antioxidants, digestive and blood pressure friendly

Apple Sauce ~ Digestive help, plus Vitamin C

cashew milk,healthy banana strawberry smoothie recipe
Carrot Juice ~ Good for skin, immune system, plus cancer reducing benefits

Cashew Milk ~ Heart, skin and immune health. Plus Magnesium and Iron ~ bonus, squared!

Cinnamon ~ Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and heart disease fighting

healthy banana strawberry smoothie recipe

These natural, healthy vitamin-rich ingredients are delicious just as they are, no pre-boxed and shipped products or unhealthy added sugars necessary.

We can make these healthy frosty smoothes at home for wayyyyy less.

Please give my friend Amy’s joy-filled blog a look. She radiates sunshine and goodness, and who doesn’t need a healthy daily dose of that in our lives?

Sending healthy vibes your way, friends.

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2 Comments on The Strawberry Banana Superfood Smoothie Recipe

  1. Amy Kennedy
    April 13, 2019 at 9:09 am (5 months ago)

    This looks so delicious! We are going to have to try this one! Thank you, Jonet! Beautiful pictures!


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