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Picture in your beautiful minds if you will, a woman at a vibrant party, alive with great food, people and fun. She’s put time and effort into carefully selecting her outfit, accessories and makeup, ya know, making an effort to represent for the over 50 crowd.

It’s a great party and she’s been on her feet all night, meeting new people and dancing the night away with her signature move The Sprinkler.

She’s had a wonderful time, with one screaming, painful and about to be embarrassing exception. How to make a graceful exit when her feet are SCREAMING for mercy from said party? She (i.e. me) had two choices, limp out like I’m walking on broken glass with my head held high or call for a bedazzled stretcher to sneak me out to the car.

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I have a sneaking suspicion my aching feet reached out to Adrian Allen Shoes sending an SOS for SUPPORT (actually, they kindly reached out to me, but my toes typing an email for help makes for a much livelier story, right?).

Finding stylish yet comfortable, supportive shoes can feel like an endless treasure hunt. Many 40+ women face a variety of foot problems with bunions, falling arches etc. The struggle is real my friends.

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Here, I’ve paired Adrian Allen’s “Sara” with a classic Saint John Knit LBD. The perfect accessory.

black comfortable heels

These beauties pair effortlessly with a sophisticated long cocktail dress as well.


Gwen, the brains and beauty behind the innovative Adrian Allen line of shoes, was kind enough to send me not one, but two fabulous pairs of shoes to test drive and share my experience and honest opinions with our tribe.

In this post, I’m featuring the elegant “Sara”, a feminine and elegant day to night shoe. The heel is a foot-friendly 2.5 inches (YEA) designed to create stability, while minimizing pressure on the front of the foot and ankles.

They’ve added thick padding from the ball of the foot to heel, absorbing shock and reducing impact, along with much needed arch padding.

What does that mean to us and our feet? Elegant supportive shoes that will elevate any look and won’t leave you crying at the end of the night.


I loved the sophisticated style, fabric and design of Adrian Allen’s Sara. The padding felt like a protective cushion for my feet and the lower heel was a dream. It allowed me to wear heels to an event without sacrificing comfort.

* The line runs a bit large, so order accordingly.

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As always, my heart-felt thanks for stopping by and all your encouraging comments.

What was your worst shoe experience? Ready, set, share!

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Although this is a sponsored post and the shoes were gifted, these are my honest opinions about the brand and my personal experience.

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2 Comments on Style Versus Comfortable Shoes | No Compromise Necessary

  1. Robin LaMonte
    January 25, 2018 at 7:30 am (1 year ago)


    I love Adrian Allen shoes!
    I just wished I had known about them before my son’s wedding last June. I had to but 2 pairs of shoes for the event. One to walk down the aisle and a comfortable sandalto dance in!
    I also love the frozen fountain at the Westin!

    • Jonet
      January 25, 2018 at 10:21 am (1 year ago)

      Thanks for your kind comment, Robin. I was surprised at how elegant they were in addition to the comfort. I know what you mean about needing two pairs of shoes to get you through an event. The fountain was so beautiful and because of the cold weather, it lasted a week! Xo Jonet


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