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Hot Flash Parody Video

The menopause monster and all the maddening, crazy, uncomfortable things she packs in her suitcase when she arrives to stay; let’s discuss.

The term “hot flash” doesn’t really adequately describe them, does it now?  I’m renaming mine Inferno Flashes. When one of my inferno flashes hits me, it feels like I could be standing in the rain and still be on FIRE! You feel me?

Funny story, while my son and I were at the grocery store filming this little Menopause parody video, a woman my age, came up to us and asked, “what the heck are you guys doing”? Since most of my body was happily taking up residence in the vegetable isle freezer, I felt it was a fair question.

When we told her what we were doing, she started to share her own hot flash experiences with me. I loved her description, “it feels like even my blood is boiling when one of mine hits”. So true, Anita, so true. We instantly bonded over our menopause battle stories and she joined our video.


I’ll share with you a product that helps to ease the hot flashes and helps with the Sahara Desert dryness of the vajayjay. I was on a patch hormone replacement for years, then my doctor suggested something different to alleviate painful sex (again, thank you menopause monster). It was a vaginal suppository and even the generic version cost me over $500.00 for a three month supply. It worked, but I was unwilling to pay the price.

natural hormone replacement cream

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After much research, I found a natural, inexpensive alternative that not only lessens my hot flashes, does away with the painful sex, it actually helps me sleep! It’s a body cream, for external use called BiEstro-Care. If you read through the many reviews on Amazon, you’ll find tons of women who feel the same.

You can use BiEstro-Care, a lotion, once or twice a day. If you go with once a day, use it at night like I do and you’ll sleep like a champ!

So there’s my natural, affordable suggestion for a little help battling the menopause monster. Hope it helps. We’re all in this together!

Do you have your own menopause stories to share? Tell us all about it in the Comments Section below. Misery loves company, my hand placed dramatically upon my forehead!

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XO, Jone’t 

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