How To Care For And Safely Store Your Handbags

Designer handbags

My fling with spring is over and just as quickly, our warm sunny days are fleeting here in the south. September marks the start of my summer to fall transition, from clothing to shoes, scarves and handbags, you can bet my closets will be a danger zone for at least a week!  Where’s Tom Cruise when a girl needs him?

Now that I am starting to collect a few designer bags, keeping them happy and looking their best is a high priority ~ no one wants to see a sad purse.

Here’s a guide to how to clean, protect and properly store your handbags for next season. These steps will keep them looking their finest while deterring hungry pests.


Wipe your purse at the end of the season with warm, soapy water (see simple recipe below).

Handbag Cleaning Recipe
In a medium sized bowl, combine 2 – 4 drops of your favorite mild liquid soap with warm water. And mix.

Use a clean cloth or old washcloth, dip into your cleaning mix (above) and wipe handbag from bag to strap (or handle).

Lining Cleaning
Now that our bag is clean on the outside, we want to go through every pocket to make sure we haven’t left behind something edible. Hold your purse over the trash can and gently wiggle the lining to shake out any small things hiding in the bottom.

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To keep your leather bag hydrated, cleaned and pretty, it’s a good idea to give it a rub with a professional leather cleaning product. Rub product all over leather bag, using circular motions. This not only cleans your purse, it keeps the leather looking oh so fine.

Leather Cleaning & Conditioner Set


Now that our bags are cleaned and dry, it’s time to prepare them properly for storage.

Step one is easy, using white tissue paper (never use newspaper, the ink will transfer to your hands and then to your bag) stuff purse to make sure it doesn’t deflate in storage.

White Tissue Wrapping Paper


Did you know that the beautiful, relaxing scent of lavender is also an effective bug repellent? Keep those pesky worms and moths away while your seasonal bags are in hiding until next season, and they will not only smell delightful, you should be bug free.

Simply tuck a lavender sachet (below) in each bag.

Lavender Sachets

designer handbags


So now our bags are clean, stuffed and ready to go into storage until next season. If you bought a designer bag, it most likely came with it’s own protective bag. If not, below are some affordable purse and shoe protectors. Believe me, your bags and shoes will thank you.

Storage Bags



Now our purses are cleaned, stuffed and covered, now it’s time to store them. If you have the top shelf closet space, you can line your out of season bags there, but keep them vertical. I use a large plastic container, sans lid and stack purses side by side.

Plastic Container

If you’ve got some extra hanging space, this hanging bag will hold several bags in the proper upright direction.

Storage Hanging Bag

Another option for those low on closet space, is to store those bags under your bed. This zippered bag will hold pillows and blankets, but also several handbags. Zip em up and slide this baby under the bed until the next season.
Under Bed Storage Bag

I guess you know what I’ll be doing for the next week? I’ve got one of my favorite spring/summer bags beside me that I’ll be preping for storage. I’ll be replacing it with a yummy rich caramel tote, my subtle way of flirting with fall.

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4 Comments on How To Store Handbags

    • jonet
      October 25, 2018 at 7:55 am (9 months ago)

      Hey Jess, so happy you found the handbag storage post helpful. Sending you big hugs, lovely lady.
      Xo, Jonet

  1. jodie filogomo
    August 30, 2018 at 1:36 pm (11 months ago)

    Wow…I’m terrible at this. I should take better care of my purses. Then maybe they’d last longer??

    • jonet
      September 4, 2018 at 1:30 pm (11 months ago)

      I was too until I did the research and realized how much it helps to protect our fave bags.

      Xo, Jonet


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