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Red Carpet Styling Products

Hollywood, home to more stars than any location in the galaxy, that is unless aliens have red carpet events too. We could really have some fun with that idea, couldn’t we? I’ll have to save it for another blog post. WHO was Allisandra Alien wearing at the Mars Film Festival?

Do you remember the Super Bowl half time show years ago where Janet Jackson had an unforgettable wardrobe mishap?  In case you missed it, Ms. J flashed one of her “girls” to bazillions of folks tuned in for the game.

That’s one of the many reasons Hollywood studios hire a well-trained team of assistants to ensure their stars don’t make headlines for all the wrong reasons.


Is it cold on the shoot location? You wouldn’t know by watching your favorite female stars and these handy and reusable nipple covers are one of the tricks that easily cover “headlights”.

This is a brilliant idea for plunging necklines and open sided tops. The disposable Adhesive Bra ~ who knew?

Here’s another great Hollywood fashion secret ~ double-sided fashion tape. It’s used to create a quick non-permanent hem, perfect for fabric emergency repairs and holding a top in place (no accidental flashings).

Deodorant removal sponge, portable and great for all wardrobes.

Portable lint removing sheets.

Easily remove wrinkles and odors in fabric and can even be used when you are already dressed.


Apply this protective foot-saver before you slip into your shoes, to help prevent blisters and raw skin caused by rubbing.

These non-slip metatarsal pads provide a soft cushion for your tootsies, especially when in heels.

I sure wish I’d had a set of these brilliant shoe protectors for some of the outdoor events my hubby and I have attended this year. Designed to keep your heels from sinking into the grass and soil, they come in 3 different sizes.


A mirrored compact protects these natural fiber Japanese oil blotting tissues.

A light-weight makeup setting spray that sets your makeup, resisting color fade and provides a long lasting matte finish.

Perfume atomizer bottles (set of 5) perfect for fragrance touchups throughout the day and travel.

And just like that, we too can be red carpet ready for any event. In my mind, I’ll be wearing that luxurious Zac Posen crimson gown Miley Cyrus wore to the Grammy Awards this year (Google it, this dress is worth the finger exercise).

I’ll pair it with glamorous Louis Vuitton heels and a custom clutch made just for me by Fendi. Throw in some Harry Winston sparklers and I’m all set for my red carpet debut.

How about you, darlings? What will you be wearing when we meet for our red carpet event?

Until then, sending much love and baskets of chocolates,

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