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As we wrap up our She’s Got Style global fashion series, we feature a joyful, free-spirited published author, originally from Germany but now residing in sunny California. Her zest for all things art and fashion is sprinkled throughout her irresistible playful looks.

FCO50: Fashion can be a powerful conversation starter. What does fashion whisper in your ear?

ANGIE: I wrote a blog post a while ago called “Instagram is my Guru” about my journey into exploring all kinds of outfits and my judgments and feelings about them; the diva, yuppie, punk, trendsetter, sexy, Barbie, Rockn roll chick, rebel, house wife, boss… and realized I’ve got a little bit of all of them.

woman in boho chic outfit

After several months of “fashion therapy” (by far the most fun therapy I have experienced) I lost a lot of preconceived notions and began to understand other women by literally stepping into their shoes.

I got to know myself on an explorative and tangible feeling level. That’s when I created the empowerment PLANNER SOUL SISTER ~ the empowering sidekick on your journey to your true Self and your tribe of soul sisters. This is actually Angie’s second feminine and beautiful planner. Her first, was AGELESS REBEL.

We don’t grow old, we grow – exponentially. Angie Weihs

FCO50: What stories do your outfits tell?

ANGIE: Fashion for me is a power trio; a guide, a communicator and a practical tool, a guide to our personal truth, our story and even to our myth, a communicator connecting us with like minded women and one of the most creative tools to express who we are as a soul, as art, or the persona of the moment.

I call my own style “Wearing my heart on my sleeves.”

woman in black and white

FCO50: How do you go about put together an outfit?

ANGIE: Outfits are rarely only about trends for me, they are very personal and express who I am or what I feel in the moment. I have two main approaches:
– to browse outfits and let them inspire me to a feeling or a vision
– I have an idea or a feeling and go on the search on how to express it

The main attitude is to play in the best child-like sense; fully immersed in the project but without judgments.

Sometimes I search in shops and sometimes I browse my wardrobe or combine a new piece with an “old” one; the combination always tells a story.

woman in black with pearls

FCO50: Can you give us some inside tips to creating our own signature style?

ANGIE: This ties in to what I said above; make it super personal.
Communicate with your outfits:
What do they make you feel?
What makes you happy?
Are you hiding or telling your truth?

red dress and bag

Communicate with your soul:
What is your passion?
What would you like to communicate with your outfits?

woman in white shirt and hat

What did you fancy in the past?
It helped me to look at my childhood and teenage time; what did I dream of then?

My child was happy in her magical world and at the same time a tomboy like a feminine Tom Sawyer. My teenager drew mermaids and ball gowns and wanted to be Tiger Lily.

Do your dreams have a place in your signature style?
Is there a period in history or the vibration of a country you feel close to?
Can you integrate this into your style?
What about your lineage?

woman in cropped pants

I also found that the color of our eyes is an amazing indication to the colors that support our expression of who we are. My eyes are brown and green and I love the fall when I get to dive into those colors.

It took me quite a journey to find out what motivates and “makes” me. After several different styles – I’m a sweet, sexy, edgy rebel, I’m a feminine warrior, I’m a world changing Joan of Arc, I am Rebel Barbie. I found their common denominator, a feeling, which summed up in expressing joy, as even diving into my darker sides holds the joy of transformation and insight.

woman sitting at art show


My life feels like a series of roles played by a passionate Method actor; a 60+year crash course through human emotions in one little lifetime and fully immersed in the dark and light sides of each role. I came out on the other side of the experience sometimes, lucky to be in one piece, and thought, “Ah, that’s how this feels.” Like when I ran away from an abusive partner or sank all my savings into a bad investment.

I left my career as a wedding planner four years ago to pursue my passion; to be a writer again. It was too hard to write after work stress, so I jumped into the unknown; it has been quite a journey of ups and downs. I began my professional journey as a journalist cruising Europe in a gun-metal gray MGB for seven years hunting amazing people and their mind changing stories.

I always achieved what I set my mind to but reinvention at 60 is quite an adventure; I was fighting with insecurities and doubts and still have to consciously recover my power from time to time, life isn’t without crashing.

I am in the middle of writing two women empowerment books:

Thank You for the Flowers and ReBelle Barbie

To follow Angie on her exciting fashion adventures, you’ll find her here:

Blog: AngieWeihs
Facebook: Angie Weihs
Instagram: Angie Weihs
Twitter: AngieWeihs

Danke dir (thank you in German) to our talented friend, Angie for sharing her enthusiastic zest for life and oodles of styling tips.

We thank you for faithfully following along as we’ve “traveled” the globe in search of the next midlife fashionista. You honor us with your follows and encouraging comments along the road.

With much love and gratitude,

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Jonet Wooten is a former investigative newspaper reporter/photographer. She's always in search of the latest & greatest in fashion & beauty, which she writes about on her AWARD WINNING Blog.

4 Comments on Fashion, Attitude & Creating Your Own Signature Style

  1. Kate
    February 12, 2019 at 7:54 am (3 months ago)

    Wow! All these outfits look amazing. You inspire me to try new things with my clothing. Thank you!

    • jonet
      February 12, 2019 at 8:52 am (3 months ago)

      Why thank you, Kate. I do love experimenting and pushing myself every now and then to step outside my own fashion comfort zone. I’m often surprised to find new styles that I utterly adore.

      Xo, Jonet

  2. jodie filogomo
    October 25, 2018 at 5:23 pm (7 months ago)

    Isn’t she amazing?? I just met Angie at FierceCon, and she’s such a warm and genuine person!

    • jonet
      November 5, 2018 at 7:14 am (7 months ago)

      Hi Jodiekins. I would love to have been able to give all of you hugs. I love Angie’s enthusiasm, zest for life and style.

      Xo, Jonet


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