Why You Can And Should Wear Spanx Over 70

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You may need to sit down for this… my mom called the other day, she had just returned from the mall and was excited about the outfit she had selected.

She described each piece to me in painstaking detail, starting with the black vinyl mini skirt, followed by the bright pink crop top and over the knee boots she thought were, ummmm, “da bomb”.

I’m kidding of course, my mom’s style is uber conservative and she often calls me for fashion advice. Which, in case you’re wondering, in no way involves the word mini or vinyl.

Recently, I filmed a fashion and style tip YouTube Video at one of my favorite boutiques, Southern Girl Chic, in Simpsonville, South Carolina. You can view it any time by clicking on the link below.

The owner, Sally King, had pulled together an entire outfit for women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and the 70+ beauties. I found it interesting that Sally’s mature clients had the same things on their fashion wish lists as my own mom ~ to look age appropriately chic.

Over 70 Style Tips

70 year old woman in kaftan and black pants

Sally has styled our beautiful model, Jean Higgins, in a casual chic outfit for the woman of 2019. Sally has found the fashion sweet spot with this winning combination, the look flattering Jean in every way.

Sally chose the earrings first and wanted something fun and unusual, not your ordinary hoops. She also added a classy bracelet in blue, to match the top, two affordable and trendy accessories that look great on our 70+ model, Jean.

Bring two pairs of black pants with when you travel because everything goes with them, which means less pants to pack. Jean Higgins, 70+ Model

Our boutique owner, explains, “This beautiful Kaftan by Joy Joy, has a v-neck, just enough for style without being too low cut. It’s a flowy top with drop shoulders, which covers the upper arms nicely, perfect for the 70+ woman”.

Jean is modeling Spanx jean leggings in black and they look fabulous on her. They are flattering, not skin tight and are ankle length, perfect for spring and summer, and go with everything.

For the mature beauties out there wondering if you can or should wear leggings, Sally says, absolutely!

70 year old woman in blue kaftan and black pants

Sally selected a mid-sized, faux leather handbag in black to complete a 70+ approved look, since Jean is petite.

Sally and I asked Jean how she felt about her new look and her wide smile was difficult to hide. Jean shared that she, “Felt fabulous and the entire outfit was comfortable.” Jean added she thought she would get a lot of wear out of it because, “The two pieces can be worn together or as separates.”

Our beautiful model was also kind enough to share one of her own style secrets, plus a travel tip. Jean loves a great pair of classic black pants and they are one of her closet staples. She explained, “you can wear black pants with anything and everything.”

Jean’s travel tip is to “Bring two pairs of black pants with you because everything goes with them, which means less pants to pack.” Fantastic tip, Jean!

Many thanks to Sally King, owner of Southern Girl Chic, for all her styling tips and fabulous outfit inspirations. You can shop Sally’s website for your faves at Southern Girl Chic.

A standing ovation for our model, Jean Higgins. Jean volunteered to represent her demographic, and we think she hit it out of the park! Thank you, Jean!

As always, we thank you for stopping by, for subscribing and being an important part of #TribeFabulous!

Until next time, darlings. Make your own fashion rules!

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2 Comments on Fashion, Style Tips and Inspiration for Women Over 70

  1. Shugunna Alexander
    May 7, 2019 at 5:39 pm (2 months ago)

    Love the post, my mom is in her 60s, young mom, but she really struggles with her style, no bright colors for her. I’m always trying to get her in color thou, its sometimes a struggle.. love the blog look!!

  2. Gail
    April 17, 2019 at 3:22 am (3 months ago)

    Great new look to the blog Jonet – love your strapline “Interrupt aging with a wink and smile.” Great post – my mum is in her 80s and is an avid clothes shopper, always looking for bright colors and in no way wanting to become invisible! I would be thrilled to see you in my linkup today, #WowOnWednesday.


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