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I was asked by Ethyl Clothing Brand to review three pieces from their line. This is a sponsored review, and I have been compensated and sent product(s) for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by my collaboration with this company.

ethyl clothing denim

As she entered the room, she noticed she was being followed. Slowing her pace, she turned to find five women right on her heels, (not actually ON her heels, that would be awkward) waving and smiling enthusiastically.

Suddenly, she finds herself completely surrounded by a group of ladies, who bombard her with fashion questions. “This jacket is EVERYTHING, darling”, one exclaims. “Did you see the gorgeous velvet burnout on those bell sleeves?” asks another. The ooohs and aaaaahs were followed by “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS FABULOUS OUTFIT?”.

In actuality, this is what I expect will happen the first time I take this ode to denim out for a spin around town. All kidding aside, the three pieces looked great on Ethyl’s website, but reached obsession-worthy status in my book, once I saw them up close and personal.

Ethyl Clothing
ethyl clothing denim

Let’s start with this incredible long denim jacket called

Designed for the woman who likes to be noticed, this cool long denim jacket has oodles of charm and style, which makes it the ultimate show stopper.

ethyl clothing denim
The pattern isn’t just reserved for the back, it subtly wraps around to the front too. Pockets… did I mention the pockets? L O V E this jacket!

ethyl clothing denim

It’s so versatile, I can dress it up with a pair of heels, a silk blouse and skirt, easy peasy.

ethyl clothing denim

Now on to this dreamy top that would make any boho chic enthusiast drool. It’s called THE ANGELICA TOP and if it came in more colors, I’d buy one in every shade.

ethyl clothing denim

While the top is classic black, the bell sleeves are a feminine, romantic floral pattern in two shades of blue, as well as detailing around the neckline are sublime.

ethyl clothing denim

Today’s lesson: How to Slay a Denim Look by Ethyl Clothing! Sorry, I’m feeling rather sassy in my new denim look.

ethyl clothing denim

And finally the comfy Jeans called CATHERINE HAWAII
I am always impressed when a brand does away with zipper, snaps and buttons and creates jeans that you just pull on and go.

ethyl clothing denim

These jeans by Ethyl are all that and a bag of chips… wait, that was my stomach speaking. They are mid rise, which is flattering for midlife bodies, the denim is soft with some stretch and are machine washable. I love the comfort and style paired with more pockets!

ethyl clothing jeans


This is my second collaboration with Ethyl Clothing, and I truly love each and every piece I’ve received from this growing brand. Their products are high in quality, have lovely detailing whether it’s a pair of jeans, a top or jacket and are both feminine and flattering.

ethyl clothing denim

* Ethyl Clothing runs big, so order one size smaller than what you would normally get.

* Shipping is free on all orders over $99.00.

* A great line for the 40+ woman.

As always, we thank you Kindly for stopping by, we truly appreciate you.

If you’re going to be a fashion rule breaker, go all in, darling! ~ JWooten

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