Easter Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Bunnies

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Do you remember the love and care you put into carefully selecting each goody that went into your children’s Easter baskets, back in the day?

There were the plastic woven baskets, pastel colored “grass”, the mandatory chocolate bunnies and Peeps, along with the iconic plastic eggs, still used in baskets today.

Our kids are millennials, but that doesn’t stop me from asking if they’d like an Easter basket each year! Our son has no interest and laughs each year I ask him.

However, our sweet daughter, is still a solid YES on the basket question, which thrills this mama bear to no end.

Easter Gift Ideas For Millennials & Pets

Since I was doing Easter basket shopping for my adult baby girl, I thought I’d share some ideas for you and yours, as well.

There are options for one click shopping, featuring many different complete gift baskets, as well as fun individual gifts you can order to be delivered to your sweet one’s doorstep.

Let’s get hopping, shall we?

yumearth organic vitamin c pops
SHOP YumEarth Organic Vitamin C Lollipops (40 count)
Under $5.00 ~ Amazon

blueberry green tea
SHOP Blueberry Green Tea (50 count)
Under $12.50 ~ Amazon

honey sticks
SHOP Honey Sticks (20 count)
Under $5.50 ~ Amazon

rope basket
SHOP Rope Baskets
$14.00 ~ Amazon

lavender eye pillow mask
SHOP Yoga Lavender Eye Pillow
$12.70 (sale price) ~ Amazon

coral nail polish
SHOP ILNP Orange Coral Holographic Nail Polish
$10.00 ~ Amazon

fun cat refrigerator magnets
SHOP Fun Dog or Cat Fridge Magnets (set of 6)
$14.00 ~ Amazon

mini cactus votives
SHOP Cactus Tealight Candles (set of 12)
$12.99 ~ Amazon

assorted dog toys
SHOP Assorted Dog Toys

assorted cat toys
SHOP Assorted Cat Toys

assorted healthy gift baskets
SHOP Assorted Pre-made Healthy Easter Baskets

lavender spa basket
SHOP Lavender Spa Baskets
$27.00 ~ Amazon

I’ll be ordering the super cool rope basket (above) and then selecting several items from this list too, for our millennial daughter.

What will you be sending or giving your kids this Easter?

Wishing you endless blessings on Holy Week.

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2 Comments on Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Adults & Pets

  1. Leslie
    April 10, 2019 at 8:33 pm (5 months ago)

    Oh, those tea light candles. I am all about anything cactus! Would not be able to light them for wanting to keep them perfect, they way they are. That lavender spa is a very thoughtful gift. Nothing is more soothing than the scent of lavender, in my book.

  2. Amy Kennedy
    April 10, 2019 at 10:52 am (5 months ago)

    Ok, so I found way too many things I like for me! Like that Lavender set? Swoon! And that rope basket? I may have to have that one! Fantastic post and great ideas!


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