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Raise your hand if you were blessed with naturally long, lush lashes. I nod my head in total respect to you lucky girls. Now, prepare yourselves for the get-a-hanky news we discovered while researching products for some serious lash-boosting remedies.

According to HealthyWoman, “Thinning eyelashes are part of the aging process.” Good thing today is National Donut Day so I can drown my disappointment with a donut… dipped in chocolate… with extra sprinkles.

Sadly for me, the lash fairy has not stopped by to give this girl a little help with her length-impaired lashes. Perhaps I should leave one of my fallen lashes under my pillow at night to get her attention or better yet ~ a donut!

While I’m short on lashes [see what I did there?] I do love the hunt for products that can help our aging faces and bodies. I’m writing this post/product review in reverse, as I began my search with lash growth serums (3 different ones to be exact). You can read all about our product review of three different Eyelash Growth Serums in a future post. After failing to achieve the result I longed-for, I went back to the drawing board and finally discovered a solution for us sensitive skin beauty enthusiasts.

Fair warning, pay no attention to the crepey, sagging eyelids featured below. I’ve made peace with them (at least for now) but am truly hopeful that one of the Fashion Designer Houses becomes smitten with the delicate swirls of my eyelids, plus the incredible combo of both horizontal and vertical eyelid droopage all at the same time and is inspired enough to create an entire line devoted to to midlife droopage with appropriate sassy attitude. It’s not just a pipe dream. Did you realize, we the children who were born post 1960, control more than $2. Trillion dollars worth of buying power? Say what? Yes, seriously!
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Beauty Insider Tip:

The luxurious Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle Gold Eye Masks, are the luxurious ultra-hydrating golden under-eye masks which I was thankfully introduced to by FabFitFun. One of the many things I heart about the full-sized products I get to try and obsess over from this super-popular quart;ly subscription box.

diorshow lash serum before and after


Did you know there is actually a lash primer, the much raved-about DiorShow Maximizer 3D that not only instantly improves lash thickness, curl and length, it works over-time as a hydrating, lash conditioner at night. Mind blown? I know, mine too, along with the 30 thousand others who have given this lash helper a lotta “love” on Sephora.

What Is It?
DiorShow Maximizer 3D is a hard-working lash primer that coats each lash with a layer to designed to intensify the effects of mascara. Although it goes on white, this super primer is easily covered by mascara. Here, I’ve topped two coats of DiorShow Primer with two coats of Lancome Defin

What Makes It Special?
This lash-loving product had me at the $29.50 price tag, however we must award over-achiever points to any product that not only works, but does more than expected! DiorShow Maximizer 3D is an excellent lash primer, it also conditions, strengthens and revitalizes lashes when applied at night to lashes.

Does It Really Work?

I noticed a difference in the length of my lashes after using DiorShow Maximizer 3D two nights in a row. I got so excited with the results, the days I work from home, I’ll often load my lashes with a few layers of DiorShow in the morning and then repeat with a fresh coat on clean lashes in the evening. To which the harmonic sounds of my happy lashes singing gleefully, often awakens my hubby at night. #SorryNotSorry

We hope this product review comes in handy as you socialize this holiday season, batting your lush, long lashes for all to see. Perhaps we don’t need the Lash Fairy after all!

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Sending much love your way, darlings.

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