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Why Choosing The Right Blog Theme Is So Important

SEVEN SECONDS, that’s how long you have to grab and hold the attention of visitors to your blog.

Selecting a theme and then rolling up my sleeves to decorate my new cyber digs is one of my very fave parts of being a professional blogger. I enjoy the creative process of weaving threads of the topics I’ll be covering as well as my own personality into the fabric of each page.

Through color, font choices, layout and design, plus a few super cool plugins, bloggers have the power to truly create their own cozy, elegant, cool or any style blog they choose. Talk about creative freedom!

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Back to that all important first impression visitors will experience while visiting your blog. In those precious SEVEN SECONDS, your audience will be taking in everything about your blog, V E R Y quickly. In this post, we will focus on the importance of finding the right theme for your new blog.

First time visitors are deciding whether your blog is:

◊ Esthetically pleasing

◊ Easy to navigate

◊ Does it capture her or his interest?

◊ Would she or he share your blog with friends?


The customization options for any blog are dependent upon the theme you choose.

To create a memorable and professional looking blog, your wish list might include:

◊ Customizable color scheme

◊ Responsive Theme: Translation, easy to use and your pages look good on computers as well as mobile devices

◊ Customizable Logo

◊ Customizable columns (you can select how many columns you prefer)

◊ E-Commerce; for those who plan on selling services or products on their blog


WordPress offers a wide and creative variety of themes designed specifically for food, travel, magazines, photography and more. There are also themes (like the one I’m using here) which will work with a wide variety of niches.

When I was creating my blog, I considered my audience demographics, my niches as well as the message I wanted my blog and brand to convey. After much research, I selected a premium theme from BluChic Feminine Themes and have been absolutely thrilled with the results. I’ve also had countless fellow bloggers ask where to find this theme.


Free Themes: there are some nice, simple and FREE WordPress themes available, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind when considering them. Free WordPress themes may contain coding issues which can translate to problems with functionality and the security of your blog. In addition, you can expect very little if any technical support.

Premium Themes: In my humble opinion, investing in a Premium Themes is well worth the money. For less than $80.00 (a one-time fee), I have a theme that has oodles of design options with stellar tech support. Premium Themes often look more polished, professional and will allow you to select those created especially for your niche.



BluChic Feminine Themes
This company has earned a first place mention, as I’ve been using one of their themes for over three years. For this blog, I wanted a feminine theme with room for changes should I wish to “redecorate” the place, which I did late last year. I went from a chic, 1940’s glam look to what you see here today. I have been thrilled with the functionality, customization options and stellar tech support of my theme. It was created for WordPress by BluChic Themes and you are seeing the Isabelle Theme here on the blog.

All of BluChic Themes have a soft, charming and inviting vibe to them. They offer many different theme designs to choose from, along with some incredibly helpful free tutorials and blogging goodies.

See BluChic Themes

This company offers 87 beautiful, customizable WordPress themes representing magazine (yes, you can create your very own on-line magazine), business, E-commerce (your own cyber store), personal and many other slick themes.

What is unusual and uber cool about ElegantThemes, is that for a yearly fee of only $89.00, you will have access to ALL of their themes. What does that mean for you? Download as many themes as you like, experiment with them to find the best theme for your blog/topics. Should you decide later to change things up, you can use one of your other favorite ElegantThemes at no additional cost.

Most theme companies charge a per-theme one time fee, which is usually, non-refundable.

See ElegantThemes

Genesis Themes
The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly build beautiful websites with WordPress. Their themes offer search engine optimization and many more features that can elevate the look and feel of your blog.

See Genesis Themes

Well that’s a wrap on theme selection, we hope you found it helpful. Next up in our FREE Blogging Tutorial Series, we will get into the actual customization of your blog/theme.

Until then, keep dreaming the dream. You’ve got this, girlfriend.

With hugs,

Jonet & Daisy Mae
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