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How to Keep Track of Your Blog Details

How to Use Simple Notebooks to Up Your Blogging Game You’ve invested, much time, thought, creativity effort into bringing your blog to life, and now your dream has a home in cyber space. Whether you are just getting started in the blogging profession or are a seasoned professional, you and I both know there is […] Read more…

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The Best Cell Phone Photography Equipment

How To Easily Up Your Blog Photo Game Do you remember how exciting it was when we all learned we could take selfies with our favorite peeps without having to hand your phone over to a kind stranger? Smartphones now play a major behind the scenes role in the blogging industry due to impressive camera […] Read more…

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Choosing The Right WordPress Blog Theme

Why Choosing The Right Blog Theme Is So Important SEVEN SECONDS, that’s how long you have to grab and hold the attention of visitors to your blog. Selecting a theme and then rolling up my sleeves to decorate my new cyber digs is one of my very fave parts of being a professional blogger. I […] Read more…

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Choosing The Best Blogging Platform

How do I pick the right blog platform for my new blog? Welcome back, blogger! Now that you’ve gotten the basic website setup complete, (click HERE to go to our FREE Blog Setup Tutorial for Beginners), it’s time to select a blogging platform. Blog Platform Definition “A blog platform is a software or service used […] Read more…

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Easy Beginners Guide To Blogging Basics

5 Steps To Creating Your Blog Today For Free I’ve been blogging now for almost ten happy years; which translate to roughly 70 dog years ~ shout out to you, Lassie. Through trial, multiple errors, excitement and what the heck moments, one thing is certain; I could write a book about blogging. This new Blogging […] Read more…