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DiorShow Maximizer 3D Lash Product Review

Give Short and Shedding Eye Lashes the Cold Shoulder | We’ll Show You How Raise your hand if you were blessed with naturally long, lush lashes. I nod my head in total respect to you lucky girls. Now, prepare yourselves for the get-a-hanky news we discovered while researching products for some serious lash-boosting remedies. According […] Read more…

Makeup Tips For The Mature Woman

Foundation, Concealer & Blush Secrets To Looking Years Younger Did you know that instead of making us appear younger, using the wrong makeup product or application techniques can actually add years to our faces? It’s sad but true, darlings.Not to worry, we’ve rounded up our favorite makeup products and tools and thrown in some simple […] Read more…

nordtrom anniversary sale beauty

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best in Beauty, Anti Aging & Fragrance Deals

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is now officially in full swing with some truly fabulous deals on everything from beauty to fragrance, fashion, shoes, handbags and home. Our favorite sale fashion picks for the midlife woman, click HERE. For our Shoes, Handbags and Jewelry favorites, please click HERE. Today, we’ll be sharing our favorite picks for […] Read more…

lip sense lipstick review

LipSense Review | Is It Really Long-Lasting?

Makeup Product Review Have you ever found yourself at a dinner party, deep in enlightening conversation, when you look down and find that your napkin is now wearing your lipstick? We’ve all been there, darlings. Over the holiday season, we had a festive calendar with dinner parties and big family meals. What I needed was […] Read more…

easy highlighting for mature skin

Easy Highlighting Tutorial For Mature Skin

Plus Video Tutorial In the land of beauty, Highlighting goes hand in hand with Contouring, they work beautifully as a team because each technique produces the opposite affect. To see our post on Easy Contouring For Mature Skin, click HERE. Highlighting attracts light, illuminates and creates the illusion of a youthful healthy glow. Consider it […] Read more…

thumb nail easy contouring

Easy Contouring For Mature Skin

Plus Video Tutorial Makeup contouring, you’ve probably read or seen a video or two about this popular beauty trick by now and you might be wondering is it for mature skin too?The answer is a resounded YES, but with a few important caveats. Numero uno on most of our lists is avoiding the all embarrassing […] Read more…

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