Health tips and tricks for women over 40. Menopause, hot flashes, and more

the power of positive talk

The Power Of Positive Self Talk

Tips For Combating Self Doubt Happy New Year, darlings! I hope your holidays were filled with much happiness and joy. Welcome back to Fabulously Chic Over 50, we’re so happy to see your smiling faces once again and send our heart-felt thanks for joining our tribe and journeys. To kick off the New Year, I […] Read more…

charity, giving

National Giving Day | The Top Rated Charities

The holiday season is now officially in full heart-warming swing, and while today has been deemed “National Giving Day” that doesn’t mean it ends tonight! Personally, I feel overwhelmingly and abundantly blessed in my life, from a loving and supportive family, to good health, security, shelter and food. But that is not the case for […] Read more…

menopause sign

Relief From Menopause Symptoms Naturally

Hot Flash Parody Video The menopause monster and all the maddening, crazy, uncomfortable things she packs in her suitcase when she arrives to stay; let’s discuss. The term “hot flash” doesn’t really adequately describe them, does it now?  I’m renaming mine Inferno Flashes. When one of my inferno flashes hits me, it feels like I […] Read more…

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