Everything You’ll Need for the Holiday Season

One of the common jokes with our family is that we should all buy stock in Costco, since we find ourselves headed there several times a month.

Costco fills it’s stores with too many fabulous deals and goodies to count, but with the holidays just around the corner, we thought we’d bring you some of their best products/buys to get you through the seasons.


gift baskets
Gift Basket & Towers
From gourmet popcorn, imported chocolates and cookies, as well as fresh fruit, many great gifts can be found in the store. But if you hop online to their website, you’ll find a whole new way to send gifts to your friends and loved ones.

chocolate cheesecakes
Like these scrumptious looking chocolate covered cheesecakes ~ they’ll ship these to your favorite peeps. Oh yes please and thank you!

kirkland belgian chocolates
Belgian Chocolates
One word… YUM!

Many Costco stores have already started filling up the isles with some of the hottest toys, bikes, books and creativity sets. The prices are excellent (duh) but they tend to go fast, so buy when you can.

restaurant gift card
Gift Cards
Costco offers a nice selection restaurants and movie tickets at discounted prices. It’s stocking stuffer dream land. For example these gift cards for Macaroni Grill (2) $50.00 gift cards for only $74.99! Winner, winner, macaroni dinner.


red roses
Talk about a beautiful deal! Costco sells 50 fresh and lovely Roses for only $39.99! You can also preorder arrangements to be picked up in the store.

Did you know Costco can ship arrangements to your favorite people, too? I had no idea until I started researching for this post. Their flowers are always fresh, fragrant and beautiful, perfect for your holiday table.


Pet Beds
We’ve got about 50 Costco dog beds in different rooms in the house (alright, a slight exaggeration, but not by much). They come in different shapes and sizes, for your petite pooch to Great Dane size.

Dog Toys
Costco does a great job every season of bringing in dog toys and filled stockings, for your favorite fur baby.


wine bottles
Did you know that Costco is one of the largest wine retailers in the world? True, and it’s the perfect place to stock up for guests and parties. Btw, their Kirkland wines are actually quite good.

Kirkland Craft Beers
Yet another winning product for Kirkland/Costco. Beer enthusiasts have given it high honors and praise.

Kirkland Vodka & Spirits
Although Costco is not allowed to sell spirits in every state, the lucky stores and customers have access to Kirkland brand Vodka and other spirits at great prices.


If your home will be filled with the love and laughter of family and friends, you’ll most likely be making a few stops at Costco.

Here are a few of the very tasty meals and deals you can find at Costco to get your holiday season off to an easy start:

Cakes & Pies
Did you know that Costco actually loses money on many of their baked pies and cakes? We were told this by one of the bakery managers. Pecan, pumpkin, cheesecakes and more, my, my, I love pie!

Italian Sparkling Water
If you are a fan of popular Italian sparkling water brands like San Pellegrino, we’ve got some really exciting news for you. Kirkland’s Signature Italian Sparkling Mineral Water might give you the same luxury taste at a fraction of the cost.

Rotisserie Chickens

One of the best deals in the store. Jumbo-sized, tender and juicy, if you haven’t yet picked up one of these instant dinner helper’s, stock up. They are delish!

Giant Chicken Pot Pie
Near the Rotisserie Chickens, you’ll find the jumbo-sized unbaked Chicken Pot Pies. Available only seasonally, they are absolutely scrumptious! Don’t feel like baking a whole turkey this season? #ChickenPotPie

Costco has one of the best prices in town on organic eggs. While you’re in the cooler room getting your eggs, watch for their ready to go Hard Boiled Organic Eggs, in individually wrapped packs.

kirkland peanuts

Costco’s private label nuts are another great deal. From pecans, walnuts and almonds to peanuts and more.

Kirkland chicken stock
You’ll need plenty of stock to prepare those holiday meals. The quality and price of Kirkland’s stocks can’t be beat.


Christmas wreath

Holiday Wreaths & Decor

Available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Christmas trees
Christmas Trees
Available in a variety of sizes and styles.

lighted deer
OutDoor Holiday Decor
Available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Kirkland batteries
Most of us will use more batteries during the holidays and the Kirkland Battery pack is quite the bargain. Have you ever been in search of an open store at midnight on Christmas Eve because that new toy you were building needed batteries? Yup, us too. Good times indeed.

What are your favorite Costco buys? Please share with our tribe in the Comment Section below.

Wishing you many blessings this holiday season, and always.

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