Affordable Back Screened Porch Makeover

When we moved to the south and were in search of our dream home, one of the things at the tippy top of my new home wish list was a screened back porch. Being a certified California girl, I’d never had one and was enchanted by this truly southern tradition. Sweet tea, anyone?

Yet strangely, it was the last room I decorated. Perhaps it was because I had no idea where to begin. Sure, I scoured Pinterest for sensational ideas, but I just didn’t know where to begin.


screened porch furniture

Here’s a little preview of the #boring porch I had, ah hem, arranged ~ wouldn’t Martha Stewart have been proud, you can laugh, I certainly did. In truth, I had some good basic pieces but the room certainly needed a little design inspiration.

screened back porch

Fortunately for me, I had just the creative friend to phone for a little long distance remodeling assistance. One of my dearest friends was seemingly, born with t.v. show worthy-skills (I’m not even kidding). So I called my Vicki, who is always up for a design challenge, and she was all in. I took pictures of the entire porch and sent them her way. In less than 5 hours, she called with our new design plan.

screened back porch

I wanted the porch to feel more like an outdoor room with a view. A few purchases later, our screened porch had literally been transformed, as if my Vicki had genie blinked herself all the way from Arizona to do it herself ~ wait for it my friends, this is definitely a before shot!

porch bakers rack

This baker’s rack had become the place for me to stash dog toys, gardening supplies and what nots. Of course my flock of backyard birds needed daily feedings, thus the pink can filled with seed. Not exactly stylish, yet effective.

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screened back porch furniture

Vicki’s first suggestion was to move almost all the furniture around. I wasn’t sure I’d like it at first, but wait until you see the whole porch ~ #Fabulous!

The round table was moved, we added a lamp, a white orchid and plant as well as a bird statue (always sprinkle something you love into every room). The porch needed more natural greenery, so I ordered a plant stand and added a fern. Nice start, it was already feeling more warm and cozy, right?

Similar Plant Stand

screened back porch furniture

All the furniture, pillows and wall decor were here. Vicki suggested changing out the real burgundy candles I had in the wall sconces to creamy white, battery-operated non-flame candles ~ um BRILLIANT and #Obsessed!

Similar Wall Medallion

Similar Candle Wall Sconces

Flameless Battery Candle Set

screened back porch table

screened back porch rocking chair with dog We relocated the rocking chair and added new palm trees to the lonely pots. Adorable fur baby not available in stores, sorry kids.

screened back porch furniture
At Vicki’s suggestion, the patio sofa was moved in front of the largest wall of screens, which makes it look like a second, casual den off our inside den.

Adding sentimental accessories to my new “room” made it more cozy and personal. As I mentioned, I love cardinals (note cardinal throw pillow ~ sigh) and lanterns with remote on/off “candles” which splash ambiance around the porch.

Similar Lanterns

Flameless Battery Candle Set

Outdoor Bird Throw Pillow

screened back porch furniture

The heart shaped rock has very special significance to me as my beloved cousin and I found it together on the river where my dad used to swim as a kid. Yes, the movers thought I was nuts when I asked that they wrap the rock for transport to the south. I literally smile and think of my cousin each time I walk onto the porch, these are the accessories that breathe life and love into your home. P.S. ~ love you Georgia Kay!

screened back porch furniture

Another white orchid compliments the drapes and you’ll be shocked that I’ve added another bird to the room, this one iron. A book about succulents is tucked away under the side table.

screened back porch furniture

The chair and table were here, just located in other locations on the porch. Together, they make a cozy sitting area. Again, a lantern with remote control “candle” bring all the accessories together, while the mate to my iron bird sits beside another green plant.

screened back porch table

Similar Lantern

Flameless Battery Candle Set

Iron Bird

screened back porch flower rack
The baker’s rack was moved against the corner brick wall and I filled it with cheerful blooming plants that soak up the natural light from the skylights.

All my garden tools are now neatly tucked away in wicker baskets, along with the dog toys and leashes. The antique milk jug was a gift to me from my Aunt Bonnie’s farm (Georgia’s mom) many moons ago and I cherish it as well as her memory. I’ve topped it with a wooden wine box and added fresh herbs, which fill the porch with the scrumptious aroma of a blend of basil, mint and rosemary ~ fresh herbs available any time!


Now on to the final touches that finished up my new favorite space in the home. I wanted clean, white drapes on black iron-ish rods and these grommet panels by Sunbrella were perfect. The fabric is indoor/outdoor (often used on boats) which means they are durable to rain and sun.

sunbrella curtains Sunbrella Indoor Outdoor Curtains

Easy to install drapery rods with finials

Vicki and I were searching for something classic, durable and easy to vacuum for the rug and we scored this beauty at Target at the beginning of the spring season. I found similar rugs for you here Similar Outdoor Rug

wood lantern with candle

Flameless Battery Candle Set

Similar Lantern

olive wreath

Finally, I love this sweet boxwood wreath on a ribbon and I’ve hung it on the door that leads into the house. I believe it showers blessings upon everyone who enters our home sweet home.

Wreath on Ribbon

Now that you’ve had a tour of our new screened porch/room, don’t you wish you had your very own Vicki? I know, she’s got a gift and I’m incredibly grateful.

What remodeling project is on your wish list? Tell us all about it in the Comment Section below.

Until next time darlings, sending you much love and baskets of chocolates.

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2 Comments on Back Screened Porch Makeover | Before & After

  1. Heather
    July 25, 2018 at 12:40 am (1 year ago)

    Love it! The only thing missing is a pitcher of sweet tea and someone to share it with ?

    • jonet
      July 25, 2018 at 9:10 am (1 year ago)

      So true, Heather! Although I wasn’t born in the south, but am completely smitten. Let’s throw in some crispy fried chicken and grits too, shall we? Thank you Kindly for being part of our tribe and your comment, darling.

      Xo, Jonet


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