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If you happened to watch the beautiful Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to his new Duchess, Meghan Markle, you might have caught the moment one of the Queen’s Granddaughters whispered to her hubby that she needed to use the leu. Now this should come as no surprise since, Zara Tindall is with child.

I, like so many in our midlife tribe, have no such excuse for that sudden sense of ahhh heem urgency. Let me ask you a question… do you just so happen to know the exact location of every ladies’ room in the mall? Yup, thought so, me too!

Why Menopause Can Cause
Urinary Incontinence

Sigh, as if hot flashes weren’t enough, did you know that menopause can also contribute to urinary incontinence? I didn’t either, until I started doing a bit of research (because that’s what I do, darlings) for this post.

Here’s the scoop according to Web MD after menopause; “The lining of your urethra, the tube that empties urine from your bladder, begins to thin. Your pelvic floor, the group of muscles that supports both your urethra and bladder, weakens.”

The Link Between Birth and
Urinary Incontinence

Here’s another reason we’ve memorized ladies’ room locations across our home towns. Those sweet little bundles of joy who emerged from our bodies have managed to stretch us to the brink.

I’ll let Woman’s Day explain the details, “the muscles and connective tissue around the bladder and urethra [after birth] weaken or stretch out is prompted by laughing, coughing, exercise or other physical exertion. (Increased or sudden pressure on the bladder forces urine out.)”. What the piddly dee is going on with our bodies?

I don’t know about you, but that explains some potentially embarrassing moments in my midlife. Have you ever found yourself in a crowd, crossing your legs before you laugh or sneeze? You too, huh? It does help, but not always.

always discreet boutique

Speaking of always, the kind folks at Proctor & Gamble Everyday sent me a little care package of products to test and review. One of the products was their Always Discreet Boutique Underwear, a product I’d actually not heard of but was anxious to try.

What Is Always Discreet?

Although P&G Everyday has created several different products (depending upon our bodies and level of leakage), today, we will be testing the Always Discreet Boutique Underwear.

Inside the black and gold bag, you’ll find 18 pairs of disposable underwear, each with an absorbent pad that will cover you front to back for maximum protection.

always discreet panties

How Do They Look And Feel?

We have two undie color choices, peach and purple. Each pair comes with a feminine design on the soft, stretchable fabric, which makes them look more like underwear.

women lighting candle in dress

Fair warning; the photos I’ll be posting will not do the product justice because I am a certified small and was sent the classic cut (higher rise) in a large. Needless to say, my new undies come up to my belly button and look slightly droopy on me. I do feel, however that in the correct size, they would be important to have on hand for long car rides and times when getting quickly to the potty might not be an option.

Available in low rise and classic cut, as well as sizes Small – XLarge.

How Well Do They Work?

With a pad that covers all your bits and has double leak guard barriers, I believe we are well protected, my friends. They’ve also added a triple layer core to trap both wetness and odor. Smart, right?

The Always Discreet Boutique Underwear will provide the most leak protection of any of the products in their line.

woman bringing in groceries

The Bottom Line

Is this a product I would honestly recommend and use? The answer is YES. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a meeting, dinner or party with an urgent need to run to the potty.

I think I might cry (on the inside) if in the middle of a fit of laughter, I had a public mishap. Now that’s not the kind of first impression I want to make. Nothing to see here folks, keep it moving please! LOL

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Until next time, darlings, break all the fashion rules and make your own!

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Sources: Web MD

Although I have been compensated and sent product(s) for review, all opinions are all mine and were not influenced by my collaboration with this company.


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