The Day A Pair Of Panties Gave Me Confidence

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This is a sponsored post in conjunction with P & G Everyday, all thoughts are my own.  In addition, they sent the product for this review.

So there I was, sitting in the center seat of a long row which just so happened to be located smack dab in the middle of a packed auditorium. The conference was riveting and we were all excited and soaking up the endless supply of information. But Houston, we had a problem ~ my walnut-size (I kid… ish) bladder was filling up faster than a water balloon!

Visions of the great South Carolina flood of 2018 flashed before my very eyes (wink). You know the one, it was the day a woman flooded an entire auditorium because she couldn’t get to the potty in time! I’ve often yearned to one day make history, but that was definitely what I had in mind! I was thinking more along the lines of first midlife woman astronaut to set foot on Mars! Why not reach for the stars, darlings?

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After reading over the details of the day-long event, I went prepared for hours of meetings where I might not be able to tip toe to the potty without attracting unwanted attention. I pulled on my big girl panties, you know the ones you turn to when you have to get through something uncomfortable, my trusty Always Discreet Boutique disposable panties. As soon as I arrived at the seminar and discovered the location of my seat, I knew I had narrowly avoided a fashion disaster by going prepared.

woman in grey suit

My post-maternity, menopausal bladder now works over-time to make sure I am relieved of all the water I drink each day to stay hydrated. To be honest, those moments where there is no ladies’ room in site can cause real anxiety. For some, the problem can be big enough that we might even avoid or decline fun activities for fear of embarrassment.

always discreet panties


Fortunately, we no longer have to miss out on the fun, with a little help from our leakage protection secret, Always Discreet Boutique.

If you’ve been following along on my mid-life adventures here on the blog, you probably read my complete review of these handy little disposable panties, but in case you missed it, you can read all about it HERE.

Since my initial product review, I’ve now worn them several times to events and exercise class. Speaking of which, have you ever been in a Zumba class, dancing your heart out like no one’s watching when all of a sudden, it happens? Me too!

You casually ease your way towards the door and then waddle to the ladies’ room, thighs tightly clenched. Trust me, every midlife woman in that gym knows that walk of shame. The struggle is real, my friends!

woman in grey suit

To recap some of my favorite features of the Always Discreet Boutique ingenious stretch panties:

Comfortable silky-soft stretch fabric with feminine design

Breathable fabric

Curve-hugging design helps make them look discreet under clothing

Super absorbant pad for maximum leak protection

OdorLock adds another layer of embarrassment protection

This is a product I will continue to use. It is a discreet, comfortable, problem solving must-have for anyone who would rather keep leakage her little secret!

Here’s more good news; Proctor & Gamble has a website brimming with money-saving coupons, recipes and family-friendly tips. You can click on this link to start saving P&G Every Day.

With much love and boxes of chocolates,

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