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As a fashion and beauty blogger, I am fortunate and extremely grateful to have brands reach out asking for product reviews, many of which, I respectfully decline.

However, when UniWigs requested a product review, I was overjoyed at the opportunity to collaborate with them. Although their line is fun and offers many options for all women, I agreed to the review to spotlight an affordable option for women undergoing cancer treatment, as they offer wigs starting at under $100.00.

This product review is a very personal one for me, as my sister is a ten plus year cancer surviving warrior! Cancer is a vicious foe, causing the patient months of painful treatments. Adding insult to injury, breast cancer patients suffer not only the loss of their breasts, but their hair.

As my sister, Stacy described her experience, “First they removed my breasts and tissue, next, my hair started coming out in large clumps.” For Stacy, it was the loss of both that took a toll on her femininity, while she valiantly battled the cancer that tried in vain and FAILED to take over her body.

Battling cancer requires much stamina, strength and hope. While we worry about our latest cut and color, for cancer patients, these choices are on their wish list (defeating the enemy being numero uno).

Here is my YouTube video about my UniWigs experience.

woman with short wig

I am impressed with the look of the wig I selected, called the
LIZ. The synthetic hair is shiny, the caramel highlights look very natural and playful.

woman putting on wig

Putting the wig on couldn’t have been easier, and the instructions took me through the process step by step. First, I wrapped my hair in the net provided, twisting my hair close to my head. Next, I put on my new wig, brushed and fluffed it to my desired look and just like that, I had an entirely new fun look!

woman wearing short wig

My impressions on the UniWig LIZ Synthetic Wig:

The Good
1. Hair looks shiny
2. Hair looks pretty natural for a synthetic product
3. Highlights (not all wigs have them) look natural and well done
4. Easy to put on
5. Washable
6. The synthetic line is very affordable

Not So Much
I’m not sure if it was due to the fact that I was being gifted the wig or if this is their normal shipping time, but from the order date, it took almost 4 weeks for my wig to arrive.

The cut could have been a little better, but you can always take the wig to your hair stylist and have it styled your way.

To check out more affordable UniWigs styles click HERE

Here’s to all the brave women battling cancer around the world. Sending you love, positive thoughts and cancer fighting strength. YOU are a survivor, absorb that into your soul and battle on, warriors.

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