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A warm welcome to Fabulously Chic Over 50!
My name is Jone’t (pronounced Ja-NAY) Wooten, founder and Editor of Fabulously Chic Over 50, a happy, uplifting community where women 50+ find inspiration through juicy interviews with industry experts and vibrant photos about fashion and beauty!

For a little global fashion inspiration, check out our She’s Got Style Page to see what our fashionistas are wearing around the world.

Launched in September 2015, (please check back often for weekly posts), here you may discover new ways to play with fashion, find a miracle wrinkle eraser (be still my heart) or you can hop over to our new Beauty YouTube Channel for tutorials and product reviews.

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Two events inspired the creation of Fabulously Chic Over 50:One day while my best friend and I were shopping, we both turned to each other and said, “Where are the clothes for US?” Neither of us could relate to anything on the racks. We were – literally – stuck between racks of junior crop-tops and granny panties. I needed a style guide that catered to and celebrated my fabulous age bracket, but that too, was not easy.

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From that experience, I vowed to keep my finger on the pulse of fabulously chic trends in my age group

Then, after my two kids flew the coop, photography saved me from the empty nest blues. A former photojournalist and now a nature photographer, I listened to the voice inside that whispered, “Follow the beauty.”

Photography recharged my soul, and allowed me to tap into my creative side once again. I was honored when Texas A&M University, my daughter’s alma mater, purchased one of my photographs for one of their new buildings.

The Century Tree photograph by Jonet Wooten at Texas A&M University. Agriculture and Life Sciences Building at Texas A&M University. Photo by Jonet Wooten

Heeding the call to follow beauty led to my own re-invention. I decided to fill the gap I saw in cyber space for fabulous women over 50, by putting my investigative journalism experience to work and share what I discover along the way.

Having successfully secured my place in the fabulously over 50 and loving it category, I’m on a mission to be Fabulously Chic every day, even if I’m rocking a pair of sweat pants!

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Let’s do it together in style, shall we?

XO, Jone’t 

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