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What is it about the bulk superstore Costco that lures us in every time? I can count the many ways because it’s hard for just about everyone in our loving extended family to stay away. Personally, I think by now, our car could drive us their on it’s own. We get in, Sampson (the name of the hubby’s car) says, “don’t tell me, we’re headed to Costco”, and away we go.

As my husband and I blow out the candles on another birthday cake (so grateful), each year, the impact eating healthy can have on our lives becomes more evident. The last year especially, we’ve started eating more of the good stuff, fruits, vegetables and fish. Since we live in the south, this is all the more important, since “fried” is a certified food group here! #NotComplaining #MoreFriesPlease

Here are our favorite picks for healthy frozen foods, from our overflowing Costco shopping cart to yours.


organic riced cauliflower
Organic Riced Cauliflower

organic edamame
Organic Edamame (individual serving pods)

frozen mixed vegetables
Organic Mixed Veggies

organic broccoli frozen
Organic Broccoli Florets

organic Brussels sprouts frozen
Organic Brussels sprouts


organic blueberries frozen
Organic Wild Blueberries

organic frozen strawberries
Organic Strawberries

organic frozen mangoes
Organic Mangoes

Organic cherries frozen
Organic Cherries

frozen açaí packs
Acai Packs (individual serving packs)

Fish & Beef

frozen sockeye salmon
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (Individual serving)

frozen sea bass
Wild Chilean Sea Bass (Individual servings)

frozen shrimp
Wild Caught Shrimp

frozen grass fed burger patties
Grass-Fed Hamburger Patties

superfood bowls frozen
Organic Veggie Bowls

Well, that’s a wrap for this week’s healthy Costco faves. We’re hopping in the car so Sampson can drive us home!  We were lucky, this week we didn’t have to pull a u-haul trailer behind us to get everything home.  I kid…. ish!

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With much love and boxes of chocolates,

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This is not a sponsored post and I am not an affiliate. I just have a Costco addiction and probably need to start my own help group. Wanna join me? : )

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