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pantene foam conditioner

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with P & G Everyday, all thoughts are my own.

Healthy, shiny, fabulous hair; you’re probably in search of this beauty nirvana too. It’s funny (seriously not one bit) the affects menopause can have on our hair, from thinning, to dryness and of course those greys (insert heavy sigh).

Work With What You’ve Got, Baby

My hair has gone through many changes during my adventures in midlife. It is now about 50% grey, which translates to color treatments that have a reputation for drying out hair (I see you out there, with your hand waving in the air like mine). Hair that snaps, tangles and frizzes was never on my wish list. How about you?

Pantene Foam Conditioner ~
What Is It?

I was sent this product by Proctor & Gamble to review.

I had seen commercials on this intriguing new method to condition hair, so imagine my excitement when it arrived on my doorstep (thank you P&G Everyday!).

Instead of a messy, heavy cream conditioner, Pantene has created a lightweight foam. According to their website, this product promises to:

* Volumize
* Nourish
* Boost strands for 24 hours

Let The Product Testing Begin!

Pantene’s Foam Conditioner comes in a generous 6 ounce size, with a modest price tag of under $6.00 USD.

I shampooed my hair first, then since my hair is long, filled the palm of my hand with this scrumptious smelling foam. Applying it was a breeze, and I went section by section gently massaging through my hair from the roots all the way to the ends. The fluffy conditioner went on like a dream and was easy to comb through my strands with my fingers.

I left the conditioner on while I showered my body and face. Pantene’s Foam Conditioner rinsed out quickly leaving my hair silky soft (wait ~ what? Yes really!). I gotta admit, I was already impressed, but the ultimate test was yet to follow.

pantene foam conditioner

Usually when I get out of the shower, it looks like I’ve been hanging with Dorothy and Toto in Kansas and my hair’s been through a tornado. It’s usually knotted, tangled and dry. Not today, hair tornado, NOT TODAY!

Pantente Foam Conditioner

A comb slid easily through my long soft hair, with only a few small tangles slowing it down.

Next, I styled my hair, using a blow dryer, but I did not apply my normal leave-in conditioner, to give this product an honest and thorough test-drive. I immediately noticed my hair held the curl from my brush, felt soft, silky and looked shiny.

woman in pink blouse

Later, I put my hair in a pony tail (how I wear it most of the time) and I kid you not when I say my hubby couldn’t keep his hands off my soft, silky hair. #unexpectedbonus

Who knew a handful of light-weight foam conditioner could yield such healing beauty power for the midlife woman?

Woman with long brown hair

The Results

♥ Light weight
♥ Easy to apply
♥ Melts into hair
♥ Washes out easily
♥ My hair was much-less tangled than normal after use
♥ Holds style longer
♥ Leaves hair soft and shiny
♥ Fragrance lasts in your hair long after use
♥ Good for fine or thinning hair
♥ Economical price

What Would I Change?

While I LOVE how much product comes in the can, like many empty nesters, we love to travel and it would just be too large to take on a plane. I’ve asked Ms. Google for “travel size” Pantene Foam Conditioner and didn’t come up with much. This is one product I would absolutely like to take with me as we explore the United States.

I would love a slightly more “natural” version of this miracle foam, although it’s impressive that the first ingredient is “water”.

They’ve also included one of our follicle’s besties, wheat germ oil, which is loaded with vitamin B’s, is absorbed by the skin and may increase circulation to the scalp. We could all use a little scalp TLC and circulation as midlifers, are you with me darlings?

Buy Or Pass?

I’m blown away by this innovative product by Pantene. My hair is silky, smooth, untangled, and still smells and looks great on day two. I must say this product surprisingly lived up to it’s promises and I’ll be using it for years to come.

Here’s more good news; Proctor & Gamble has a website brimming with money-saving coupons, recipes and family-friendly tips. You can click on this link to start saving P&G Every Day.

With love and chocolates,

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2 Comments on Pantene Foam Conditioner | Does It Work?

  1. Shelley
    May 12, 2018 at 4:11 pm (8 months ago)

    I got a travel size of this in my last Target Beauty box so there has to be some somewhere.

    • Jonet
      May 14, 2018 at 9:17 am (8 months ago)

      I thought I’d seen one too, but can’t find them for sale. I’ll keep looking, thanks for the tip. Xo Jonet


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