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I am always honored to present to you, my friends, our She’s Got Style global fashionistas. However, today’s stylish beauty holds a special place in my heart. As a card carrying proud military mama, the opportunity to feature a brave, strong, military veteran gives me goosebumps and a heart filled with gratitude.

You see, Tonja is not your ordinary stylish fashionista. In her military career, Tonja never had to give a thought to her OOTD, guaranteed it would be camo and include the color green. Flash forward to Tonja’s post-military career as a blogger and certified glamorous fashionista.

Now, I proudly turn it over to our interview with Tonja.

FCO50: We love that your style choices range from elegant, to casual chic and everything in between. What’s the secret to your signature style?

TONJA: Thank you. The secret of my signature style is simplicity. I wear a lot of dresses and jumpsuits. I love “one stop shop” outfits. I adore a simple piece with an interesting embellishment. I accessorize my outfits with a pair of earrings, wedding ring, fitbit, and a smile! My motto is simple chic and effortless style.

woman in blue dress

FCO50: What is the one outfit combination that always works for you?

TONJA: One combination that ALWAYS works for me (that’s not a dress or jumpsuit) is a wide legged pair of slacks, a turtleneck, and a killer pair of heels.

woman in blue dress

woman in red dress

FCO50: If you had to give fashion advice to other women with your beautiful shape, what would it be?

TONJA: Tailor, tailor, tailor…it is difficult to find clothing off the rack to fit both my waist and hips, also I am somewhat vertically challenged. 🙂 So I frequently have my trousers altered. Another important tip is to invest in some great shapewear and undergarments.

woman in white shirt and hat

FCO50: What are your go-to make up and anti aging products?

TONJA: My go-to for makeup and anti aging product is MAC and good old fashion Witch Hazel as an astringent. Not only does MAC have phenomenal makeup, but they carry a green gel cleanser and oil free moisturizer that works extremely well for me. I am also beginning a love affair with Maybelline and Fenty Beauty.

My motto is simple chic and effortless style ~ Tonja


I hail originally from the great state of Texas. I am the mother of two, a beautiful daughter and an evenly handsome Shih Tzu. I am married to the greatest man in the world, who sometimes serves as my photographer.

My life’s work is being an educator. I absolutely love being a teacher! However, my desire is to be known as a proud and unapologetically woman of faith.

A fun fact, my husband, daughter, and I are all veterans of the United States Military.

In my spare time, I love to read, shop, exercise, travel, share laughs with friends, and of course, blog. I have never met a camera that I did not like!

To follow Tonja as we do, simply click on the links below:

Blog: Lavish Cafe

Instagram: The Lavish Cafe

Our heart-felt thanks to Tonja and her family for their sacrifice and service to country. We love and embrace that Tonja has devoted her blog and social media pages to faith, love, inspiration and then, fashion. We LOVE you, Tonja!

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Keep those bags packed, dolls. We’ve got another fashion travel adventure planned for you next week!

Until then, enjoy every day of your own fashion journey!

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Jonet Wooten is a 56 year old former investigative newspaper reporter/photographer. She's always in search of the latest and greatest in Fashion, Beauty and Travel, which she writes about on her AWARD WINNING blog. Creator of the popular global fashion series She's Got Style.

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    • Jonet
      December 16, 2017 at 11:37 am (1 year ago)

      Thanks Jacqui. I love Tonja’s inspirational style and life story. Here’s to you She’s Got Style global fashionistas! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Xo Jonet


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