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Today we are visiting scenic Germany to catch up with our new friend and She’s Got Style global fashionista, Angelika.

Angelika is one stylish, busy lady, somehow managing a job, school and blogging all in one jam-packed day. That’s why she carefully selects outfits that can go the distance, getting her from morning to evening with flair and comfort.

FCO50: Tell us about your style?

ANGELIKA: I prefer the “day form” method. My fashion decisions depend upon my mood, how I’m feeling about my body, the weather and my day.

My schedule is quite busy and divided between my job, homework and my dogs. So you can imagine, my outfit must be versatile enough to get me through the whole day.

German woman in coat

German woman in jeans

FCO50: You have a stunning collection of handbags. Tell us everything!

ANGELIKA: My tips for the handbags are basically the same.
I love adding a beautiful handbag to highlight simple dresses. I love to combine a pair of jeans with a stunning red bag.

German woman in suit

FCO50: Would you consider yourself a fashion risk-taker?

ANGELIKA: I am a woman that is not fixed to any special fashion style. I am open to influences and styles.

German woman in pink dress and sweater

FCO50: Your style is so trendy and chic at the same time. What inspires you to put together such fabulous outfits?

ANGELIKA: I‘ve never been a mainstream girl. In my younger days, the 80‘s, I loved dresses. Many people couldn‘t understand. Some time later, I saw the outfits I was wearing in fashion magazines.

FCO50: Tell us about your favorite beauty or anti-aging products.

ANGELIKA: I’m not the kind of Woman who uses Botox or other chemical beauty helpers. I just take care of my skin and body with products based on my age.

Last month I had some interested collaborations with many cosmetic companies; Skinceuticals, L‘Oreal, etc.


I am ANGELIKA, a 55 year old fashionista and blogger. I live Germany and enjoy travel. I have two children, 23 and 30 years old. I am married and I have two sweet dogs.

You can follow Angelika on her blog: Individually Living Over 50

and on her Instagram Page: IndividuallyLivingOver50

Many thanks to the lovely and stylish Angelika for taking the time out of her jam-packed schedule to join our sisterhood of She’s Got Style global fashionistas.

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    • Jonet
      October 27, 2017 at 7:53 am (1 year ago)

      Thanks Jacqui. I love Angelika’s chic style and fabulous photos. Big hugs to you from America. Xo Jonet


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