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Our She’s Got Style global fashion series is on the road again, this time to Scottsdale, Arizona by way of merry olde England!

Karen Serino credits her love of all things fashion from her Grandmother who was head of tailoring for a major department store in England. Karen, who had a career that took her around the world, met her husband and settled into sunny Arizona.

She was kind enough to share tips on how to look “cool” in the hottest of climates, as well as the steps she takes to pull together an inspiring outfit.

Over 50 woman in Capri pants

FCO50: Describe your personal style.

KAREN: My personal style is an evolving palette due to age and because I now live in a very hot climate. It’s always been trend-driven so long as I feel the trend suits me. I keep it as youthful as possible which helps to keep me feeling young. My style also encompasses a glamorous edge when the occasion suits and in keeping with my sporty side, a casual and comfortable flair.

woman over 50 in blue shorts

FCO50: You live in Arizona, a very hot climate. Any styling tips for looking cool in the heat?

KAREN: Keep fabrics light and loose fitting. Fitted clothing will become moist from perspiration very quickly and that is not a good look! Stay away from 100% linen garments as these tend to wrinkle excessively!

Neutral colors go a long way in the desert, such as white, beige, taupe and light gray. These colors are great to keep your look cool as well as sophisticated. Navy and white also looks very cool and crisp.

Sleeveless blouses, off-the-shoulder tops and sheer kimonos are great on point trends that work well in a hot climate.

Light weight dresses are both comfortable and effortless and can be played up or down with flats or heels.

Comfortable open toe shoes and sandals are a must when it’s 110 degrees!

woman over 50 in white pants

FCO50: We love your style. Take us through how you pull together your OOTD?

KAREN: Some days I just start with wanting to wear a favorite item or even better a new one! This piece generally determines my color scheme for the day, Then I’ll pick out other pieces to pair with it. This is when I enjoy rummaging through my closet to pull together the whole outfit.

To be honest, this often results in a lot of discarded clothes strewn across the bed until I finally settle on the ultimate look! The final step for me is adding the accessories. Perhaps a scarf, definitely some fun jewelry, very importantly the right sunglasses, and even my watch must fit in.

woman shopping outside Nordstrom

FCO50: You look amazing! Tell us your secret to looking so young. Do you exercise, eat right, genetics?

KAREN: For me the key to looking young is to take pride in my appearance and try to make the best of what I have. I enjoy putting my daily OOTD together creatively and the way in which a garment fits can do wonders for camouflaging certain areas and equally emphasizing the better bits! Never underestimate the skill of a good tailor!

woman over 50 in white shorts

It also helps that I enjoy exercise. I play tennis two or three times a week, I do my Tabata (high intensity interval training) twice a week, and sometimes run, hike and bike ride. Eating clean healthy food is very important to my husband and I. Since he does most of the cooking I’m very lucky that I get to enjoy good healthy food with very little effort on my part!

FCO50: What is the one anti aging product that you can’t live without?

KAREN: Given that the sun shines almost 365 days of the year and is very intense here in Arizona, sun screen and moisturizer has to take a priority. Therefore I could not live without my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with an SPF 20. This product gives me hydration, coverage and protection all in one.

I enjoy putting my daily OOTD together creatively and the way in which a garment fits can do wonders for camouflaging certain areas and equally emphasizing the better bits! Karen


My name is Karen Elizabeth Serino. I am British born and bred and moved to Scottsdale Arizona in 1999 where I live with my husband Brian (from Brooklyn, NY) and our fur baby – a wire haired fox terrier, Rigsby.

I’ve enjoyed clothes and fashion my whole life which I believe I inherited from my Grandmother who was the head tailor at one of the finest department stores in the north of England, back when they made the clothes in the basement of the store!

I spent my early career in the hotel and travel industry. As a result I had the opportunity to live in Dubai, Spain and ultimately the U.S. where I have settled.

I started a business shortly after moving here called The Ironing Lady, which is an idea I brought with me from England. It grew exponentially into a one stop shop for not only a hand ironing service, but also fine luxury bed linen care, laundry and dry cleaning service. Today my husband and father-in-law continue the business whilst I enjoy working on my life and style blog Above and Beblonde!

I’m an avid tennis player, an advocate for healthy eating, and constantly strive to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle with a glass of wine and a little dark chocolate along the way!

Website: Above and BeBlonde
Instagram: Above and BeBlonde
Facebook: Karen Serino
Twitter: Serino Karen

Our thanks to the lovely Karen for sharing her stylish photos and tips. You certainly look “cool” Karen, even in 110 degree temperatures!

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Until our next fashion trip, enjoy your own fashion journey, darlings!

XO, Jone’t 

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