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We are headed to Milan Italy to meet our next She’s Got Style global fashionista.  Silvia describes her style as simple but classy and refined.

Silvia comes from a multicultural family and speaks four languages (WOW).  She tells us that traveling the world as a child allowed her to learn about other cultures, which makes her feel “like a citizen of the world.”

Living in Milan, the “fashion capital of Italy”, gives Silvia daily inspiration. Now a fashion blogger and Instagrammer, she shares her style with her followers and now us!

FCO50: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

SILVIA: I’m lucky to live in Milan, the most European of Italian towns, the capital of fashion, business, elegance, nightlife.  In Milan, fashion is everywhere, and you can find great inspiration on the streets.

Here there are the fashion houses and showrooms of the Italian fashion designers who have created high fashion, Valentino, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace … the most famous names in fashion world.

FCO50: Describe your personal style.

SILVIA: I love the “parisian style” which is timeless, casual chic and basic for the most time of my days.  I try to adapt this style with all colors.

FCO50: What is your favorite travel outfit?

SILVIA: When I travel I want to be relaxed, so all my clothes are casual, but without sacrificing style.  For example, black jeans during the day is perfect with shirt, sneakers and a leather black jacket.  But the same jeans and jacket could be perfect at night with a gold top and black decollete or boots.

FCO50: You have some gorgeous handbags. Can you give us some tips on finding the perfect bag?

SILVIA: I’m a fool for shoes and bags, sooner or later I will risk a divorce because I don’t really know where to put them (kidding).

In general I prefer big bags where I put everything (believe me, in my bag you could find the most strange objects…) also very useful when traveling by plane for a weekend, replacing luggage.

But for the night or for smart events, I love pochettes or microbags.  And also in this case… colors! Because I think that a coloured particular bag is a good idea to give life to a total black or to a business look.

FCO50: You rock some amazing hats, what’s your secret to matching hats with an outfit?

SILVIA: I’ve no a secret, my mother loves hats very much. A lot of hats you can see in my photos are original 60s/70s vintage chlotes.  I think more or less is the same as for bags, one particular hat can completely change an outfit.

FCO50: What is trending in Italy right now?

SILVIA: Flower prints inspired by the 60’s and 70s, also optical and geometric patterns.  The colors orange, red and yellow are HOT in Italy.

I think more or less is the same as for bags, one particular hat can completely change an outfit. Silvia


My name is Silvia and I live in Milan, Italy.  I’m the mother of a beautiful 18 year old girl, a photographer, influencer, lifestyle blogger, fashion and travel lover.

Two years ago, I started my fashion blog aimed at women of 40 finish line (and more) who want to be fashionable. They love beauty, elegance, style, travel, culture, art. My blog is for women who may need to start over after a divorce, job loss, or maybe feel lonely … I truly believe, life begins after 40.

And a with big surprise I find on my instagram as followers, some ladies as Mrs Kim Alexis (supermodel of 80’s and one of my idols when I was at school), Nancy Donahue, Anne Bezamat, Jolande Christenhuis, or a very famous Miss Italy as Nadia Bengala, and likes and comments by an italian actress Eliana Miglio or one of my other style icon Mrs Ines de la Fressange, all beautiful smart ladies involved for all their life in this beautiful world.

You can follow along on Silvia’s adventures on her blog: A Pinch of Ginger Spice

and Instagram: A Pinch of Ginger Spice

Thank you, dear Silvia, for inviting us to stop by your country for a cyber visit. Your style has such spirit and fun! Smooches!

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We hope you’ll stay tuned for more She’s Got Style features, as we Jetset around the world via cyber space. Ya coming along? Keep those bags packed, darlings!

XO, Jone’t 

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