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Accessories yield some pretty heavy power in fashion, with the ability to transform a ho hum outfit from a scale of meah to absolutely fabulous!

But finding the right combination of shoes, scrumptious handbag and dazzling jewelry to top off your outfit takes a little know how. Never fear, FCO50 is here to give you some inside tips and trick on how to put together show-stopping outfits, head to toe.

To quote the great fashion designer Michael Kors, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit”.

So without further adieu, we present Your Guide to Accessorizing Like a Pro.

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Oh the joys of sparkly bling! Jewelry has come a long way and you don’t have to take a second out on your home to add some fabulous and affordable pieces to your jewelry box.

If you are still wearing the same watch you received as a high school graduation gift, it might be time to experiment with accessories, darling. And the days of matching jewelry pieces are long gone, which leaves the door wide open to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Trending now are chokers and statement necklaces. These glamorous pieces should take center stage and are best worn with simple earrings and minimal bracelets. Choose one piece and let it be the star.

woman looking out the window
In this monochromatic look, I added a statement necklace with blinding bling power. Simple earrings and a bangle bracelet were all this look needed.

Layering necklaces is another popular way to spice up your outfit. Try layering three different necklaces in different lengths in the same metal shade. For a slimming look, choose a necklace that falls below your breasts as the longest strand.

Watches do far more these days than give us the time. They have secured a solid space in the fashion accessory industry, and the choices are endless.

clutch handbag and watch
Over-sized watches are trending, try pairing it with a bracelet or two in the same metal tone.

Bracelets are like rings for the wrists. From bangles, to bold cuffs and everything in between, a little arm candy can make an outfit pop! Experiment with pairing bracelets in threes, leaving the other wrist bare.

Stud earrings are fine and dandy, but hoop earrings are a must-have and add a simple elegance to any ensemble. When wearing a stunning necklace with rhinestones, turn to a pair of simple hoop earrings to finish your look.

Polished nails need to be accessorized, darlings, and adding dainty or oversized rings adds the finishing touches to your look. With so many chic styles to choose from a variety of tones from rose gold, to silver and gold, this is one fashion accessory not to be neglected.

Try wearing rings on your on your index and ring fingers, with a delicate pinky ring.

woman's hand with rings
Over-sized rings are IN and I found this dazzler for under $25.00.

And don’t forget about the popular midi rings, that go no further than below the knuckle. These little gems are so much fun to wear, your daughter might even be jealous!

woman's hand with rose gold rings
Rose gold is trending in a big way, add a rose gold-toned watch and you are good to go!

purple scarf


To add color and style to your outfit of the day, wrap a light, beautifully patterned scarf around your neck. It will not only add an elegant touch to your look, when tied properly, it’s the perfect camouflage for the dreaded turkey neck!

Here’s a tutorial video that demonstrates how to tie scarves 16 different ways!  How to Tie a Scarf

woman in pink cardigan

red pumps


Remember the days when your handbag and shoes had to match or risk a fashion citation? That trend is long gone, and women around the world are mixing and matching the two with the blessing of fashion designers and stylists. Carrying a drool-worthy bag in a seasonal color paired with a different colored shoe, puts you at zero risk of making a fashion faux pas. In fact, it’s how you create a head-turning, up-to-date look.

woman in black on sidewalk

Valentino beaded heels
I kept the accessories to a minimum while wearing these show-stopping Valentino beaded heels. It’s all about balance.



Handbags are one of the most important accessories for the fashion-savvy woman. Mini bags are trending this year, but that doesn’t mean we have to ditch our favorite pieces. A bold colored or over-sized bag can turn up the volume on any outfit.
Louis Vuitton bag

But there are a few fashion do’s and don’ts when it comes to handbags. An over-sized hobo bag might not be the best choice for a semi-formal event. Instead, opt for an elegant clutch.

woman driving wearing sunglasses
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Let’s face it, a smartly dressed lady with a pair of chic shades, or “sunnies” as they call them in Europe, is hard to ignore. With cool sunglasses flying off the shelves, luxury brands and the more affordable labels alike are focusing much attention on these popular fashion accessory.

The choices and style options are endless, which is why many women own more than one pair. Choosing the right sunglasses for your outfit is half the fun. Try challenging yourself to take a walk on the wild side by wearing a shape or color you’ve never tried before.

woman in hat and sunglasses

Let’s take some fashion advice from Mr. Kors and think of our fashion accessories as tiny exclamation marks that provide us with endless opportunities to create the perfect look!

What’s your favorite accessorizing tip?

Enjoy your fashion journey, darlings, with lots of exclamation marks.

XO, Jone’t 

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