How a Subscription Haircare Box Made My Hair Grow

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How’s menopause treating you my friends?  I certainly have a growing list of new and wondrous things happening to my body and face, which go hand in hand with the blazing hot flashes.

But did you know that menopause can actually affect our hair too?  Are you screaming, crying or frantically removing all your clothes to cool off right now?  I know, I was shocked to learn my hair could be one of the casualties of our midlife affliction too.


According to data, menopause creates “a reduction in estrogen hormones and increase in the androgen concentration. These hormonal changes affect some hair characteristics and are responsible for hair thinning. Almost 20-60% of women before reaching the age of 60 suffer from hair thinning.”  Now I’m crying!  You can read more about the menopause/hair connection HERE.

Enter the lovely folks at Shtrands, a fabulous new personalized haircare subscription.  They gave me the opportunity to try their haircare products, which would be selected specifically with my hair in mind.

After filling out a questionnaire about my hair, I was thrilled to receive a box in the mail!  Inside were four full-sized bottles of a brand of haircare products I had never used before, but was excited to try.  Btw, the trendy zipper bag the products arrived in has come in handy on many a travel trip, so stinking cute!

The experts at Shtrands selected the brand Abril et Nature for my dry, color-treated hair.  I received Bain Shampoo, Treatment Silk (a special treatment for damaged hair), Instant Mask (a mask-like conditioner with hyaluronic acid and stem cells) and their Gold Lifting which is a styling cream.

woman's hair

Let me begin by saying every product smells divine!  Not only does it smell like heaven in the bottles, it leaves my hair smelling just as good.

The line is gentle, ultra hydrating and leaves my hair oh so shiny. But this product line had one unexpected surprise in store for me that thrills me to no end.

new hair growth
Please disregard the grays, dolls.

I’ve been experiencing some hair loss above my temples (thank you menopause fairy).  But after a month and a half of using this line, I HAVE NEW HAIR GROWING!!!   Ahhhh, so excited, darlings!


Shtrands has a few options on their subscription haircare program, all with free shipping.  The most popular program comes with four full-sized products delivered every other month for $59.00 (you also pay every other month).


Would I recommend Shtrands Subscription Haircare Program?  I would indeed, and I’m not receiving a dime for this post or any orders that come as a result.  I was truly surprised at how well the products worked and enjoyed knowing that based upon my hair, someone was creating a luxury at home haircare program just for me!

Our friends at Shtrands have created a coupon code for our fabulous FCO50 tribe! To receive $10 off any plan you choose, use coupon code JONET.  To go to the Shtrands website, just click HERE.

Stay fabulous, darlings!

XO, Jone’t 

Shtrands sent the products for me to try, and I am most grateful.  This is not a sponsored post and we are not affiliated with this company.

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2 Comments on Shtrands Subscription Review | What it Did for My Menopausal Hair

  1. Lacramioara
    March 23, 2017 at 12:50 pm (2 years ago)

    Your hair looks fabulous!

    • Jonet
      March 23, 2017 at 2:54 pm (2 years ago)

      Thanks so much! It was so fun having an entire haircare program created specifically for my hair/problems. Thanks dear Lacramioara! Xo Jonet


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