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Our new friends from Cherry Blooms, were kind enough to send a beauty care package so that we could take two of their most popular products for a little test drive. Their Fiber Lash Mascara and Fiber Brows have been in the beauty spotlight of late, so we were very excited to have the opportunity to try them.

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I did a YouTube Video about my experience, which you can view here:

Cherry Bloom’s Fiber Lash Mascara and Fiber Brows have been raved about in magazines like Elle, Woman’s Health, InStyle and Cosmopolitan. They’ve also received oodles of awards, so I was giddy to try these products for myself to see if they live up to all the hype.

Cherry Blooms product line

woman's face close up


I started the test drive with just a shadow liner on both eyes, no mascara, no brows. Then I tested the Fiber Lash Mascara on only one eye, to see the difference it made on my lashes.

The Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Mascara is a three step process.

Step 1: Apply the Transplanting Gel, which actually gave my lashes impressive length, even before I applied the fibers. They suggest approximately 20 strokes of the gel.

Step 2: Next, apply the Fibers, 15 strokes. I could actually see my lashes growing with each stroke ~ amazing!

Step 3: Seal the fibers by reapplying a layer of the Transplanting Gel, 20 strokes.

After only one layer of the Fiber Lash Mascara three part steps, I was absolutely shocked at the fabulous, long lashes I saw in the mirror. Here’s a side by side of the before and after. Notice how long and gorgeous the lashes are on my left eye?

before and after fiber mascara

I was so exited with the results, another layer was in order, just to see how far this product could take my sparse lashes. So I repeated the above steps and here are the astounding results.

woman's face close up, fiber mascara

One glance in the mirror and I was “freakin out” with excitement, just watch the video to see it unfold in real time.

So what would any beauty product junkie do at this point? Add another layer, of course! So I repeated the steps and the end result was a dramatic, long, Lucious lash that would be hard to ignore. Here’s what three layers of the Fiber Lash Mascara looks like.

woman face close up makeup


 Easy to apply
♥  No Clumping
♥  Long luscious lashes
♥  Washes off easily with normal cleanser
♥  Made of non-toxic ingredients
♥  Suitable for sensitive eyes

You do have to apply many strokes of the product, but with results like these, who’s counting? Not me!


As we age, it’s common for our eyebrows to become sparse. Eyebrows frame the eyes, and having fabulous strong brows, draws attention upward and away from any problem areas we might be having around the eyes.

The Fiber Brows come with three stencils, which gives me choices on how big and bold I want my brows to look. There’s a stencil for thin, natural and thick brows. I selected the natural for my product test.

This is one of the easiest methods for achieving fabulous brows, I’ve ever tried. In two easy steps, I had gorgeous, full brows that even covered the new grey hairs that had recently popped up.

Cherry Blooms Fiber Brows is a two part system.

Step 1: Hold stencil to eyebrow, using two fingers.

Step 2: Dab Fiber Brows Powder over the stencil opening.

That’s it! Amazing, natural looking perfectly shaped eyebrows, in a few seconds. BOOM! Check out our video to see how easy it is to get perfect brows, every time.


 An easy two step process
♥  Perfect brows in seconds
♥  Washes off easily with your regular cleanser
♥  Made of a blend of minerals and fibers in a powder form
♥  Won’t fade during the day

I’ve got nothing!


The Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Mascara and Fiber Brows exceeded my expectation.  The mascara allows you to build lashes to your own desired length, without looking clumpy.

The Fiber Brows are simply amazing and give you fool-proof fabulous brows in an instant.

So that’s a wrap on our Cherry Blooms product review.  I hope you found it and our YouTube Video helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, we’d sure love to hear from you.  Drop us a line in the Comments Section below this post.

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XO, Jone’t 

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2 Comments on Fiber Lash & Brows Review | Cherry Blooms

  1. Barb
    July 14, 2017 at 3:58 am (1 year ago)

    As the day wore on, did the fibers come off or flake?

    • Jonet
      July 14, 2017 at 7:55 am (1 year ago)

      Hi Barb, great questions. The fibers stayed put on my brows and lashes. I didn’t have any flaking during the day, just a tiny bit when I first applied, which brushed off easily. I really love these products. Xo Jonet


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