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It’s a rare occasion that big, fluffy white snowflakes flutter down from the sky here in Greenville, South Carolina, but over the weekend, the unthinkable happened! When I tell you it snowed, you are probably picturing in your mind a little something like this beautiful winter wonderland (above).

Pendleton Coat and Ugg boots

But the reality was more like a generous dusting of sparkly white snow and the temps have allowed it to stick around for a few days.  We may not have gotten snowed in, but just the site, feel and smell of a blanket of frosty happiness filled my heart with such joy.

Snow, happiness, joy = the perfect time for a photo shoot!

Pendleton Coat and Ugg boots

For our “snow day” I chose a pair of black jeans, long grey sweater and two of my favorite winter accessories ~ a warm wool Pendleton coat and lace up Ugg Boots! Both are old friends that I’ve had for many years, but because I invested years ago in two pieces that are always in style, they look as good today as they did then!

Pendleton coat, scarf and sunglasses

A cool pair of tortoise shell shades by Oscar De La Renta added a pop of color to the outfit.

woman getting kisses from dog

Bubba and Daisy, sporting cozy sweaters of their own, enjoyed the snow as much as we did!

Pendleton coat, Ugg boots

Pendleton coat, Ugg boots

The temps were in the teens, so I layered a burgundy infinity scarf over my sweater with black leather gloves to ward of the chill.

Pendleton coat, Ugg boots

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Pendleton coat, Ugg boots


PENDLETON COAT Shopping my closet, this gorgeous Pendleton coat hails from Oregon, seven years ago.  But we’ve rounded up some similar Pendleton classic coats for you to drool over, below.

Pendleton Coat Wool Blend ~ Nordstrom

Pendleton Coat with Hood available in 2 colors ~ Nordstrom

Pendleton Coat in Royal Blue ~ Nordstrom

BOOTS These Ugg Boots have stood the test of time.  Although they don’t make this exact design any longer, we’ve found similar Ugg boots.

Ugg Boots available in 2 colors ~ Nordstrom

Ugg Boots, Leather Lace Ups available in 2 colors ~ Nordstrom

Classic Ugg Boots available in 3 colors ~ Macy’s

So there you have both a weather update for the south and a winter fashion post all in one!  Enjoy the season, spring will be upon us in no time, darlings.

Sending you much love,

XO, Jone’t 

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