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Moscow Russia
Moscow Russia ~ Stock Photo

Russian woman in scarf

Julia, enjoying the rooftop view in her native Russia.

Russian woman in pin and black dress

“As I mentioned I love making my own clothes and I really like how these pieces turned out!”

Russian woman in white dress

“I’m wearing a dress of my own creation. It’s perfect for summer! It’s lightweight and simple, but very elegant.”

Russian woman in top

“I’m wearing a top that I knitted myself paired with R.Marks jeans.”

Russian woman in pink knit top

I’m wearing a hand-knitted vest, which I’ve paired with a long-sleeve white top and jeans. I love the look. It’s comfy and stylish.

Age is just a condition of your soul, which sometimes conflicts with the body. Julia

We’re traveling all the way to Moscow Russia to meet today’s She’s Got Style global fashionista. Meet Julia, a talented knitwear creator (she’s wearing her own designs in these photos) who blazes her own fashion trail by knitting her own pieces. Talk about making a fashion statement, Julia has the talent and freedom to truly make her style her own!

Julia loves boho chic and oversized, soft, comfy tops.  As for jewelry accessories, she tells us, the bigger the better!

She believes in taking care of one’s self, inside and out, which allows the inner beauty to shine as bright as the stars.

Julia and her husband have two children and she loves to garden and knit, which gives her immense pleasure and she finds relaxing. If you haven’t noticed, she’s also brilliant at creating beautiful, original knitwear. Brava Julia!

FCO50: Describe your personal style.

JULIA: I’m into oversized things, you can style them with both classy pieces and something more casual, like denim. I like elements of boho style – ethnic pants, flowy fabrics, striking details. As to accessories, I prefer massive ones! I like to wear bracelets, silver rings, sometimes earrings.

FCO50: How do you infuse your personality into your looks?

JULIA: I don’t mind a little sloppiness in a personal style. I think it gives the look a special touch – rolled up sleeves, shirt half-tucked into jeans/skirt. I also like layering and I plan to knit a few vests and ponchos for upcoming winter. You can style them with blouses, shirts, long-sleeve tops as well as with outerwear. I think this makes the outfit chic and stylish.

FCO50: Do you have a philosophy on aging gracefully?

JULIA: I believe that a stylish woman is a woman who takes care of herself, of her looks and of her inner beauty. I think that by taking care of herself women show their respect to themselves and to others. I really want to stay young and beautiful as long as I can for my husband, my children and most of all for myself!

Age is just a condition of your soul, which sometimes conflicts with the body.

FCO50: How have your style choices changed since you’re now 40+?

JULIA: After turning 40, I started wearing more oversize pieces and stopped wearing skin-tight tops.

FCO50: What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

JULIA: Right now my favorite item is my crimson hand-knitted tunic, which I made for myself this year. It’s perfect for summer, it’s super lightweight, but comfy at the same time. I think it looks simple, but sophisticated. I style it with skirts, jeans and different tops. And it’s color cheers me up!

FCO50: What is popular right now in your country on the fashion scene?

JULIA: I think 90’s are making a big come back this year. High waisted skirts and pants are back in the game. Wide pants and short-skirts are trending again. Crop tops are also pretty popular in Moscow. And of course white-sole sandals are a must-have! But it’s very different really, Moscow is a big city where everyone tries to express themselves through their clothes.

FCO50: Do you have a beauty product you can’t live without?

JULIA: My favorite beauty products at the moment are acid peel and snail gel face mask.


I’ve been interested in fashion and style since I was a child. I started sewing and knitting when I was at school. Knitting soon became my main hobby. I can’t imagine my life without it! It’s my passion and at the same time it helps me to relax. I’m happy that by mastering this craft I’m able to create unusual and original things. It’s very exciting to see how a usual thread turns into something unique, “your own”, something that you can’t buy in a store.

I try not to think about age and numbers in my passport. I’m 47, I realize that. I have my dear family, my children and parents, my husband. I have a garden, my plants. I have a wonderful hobby – knitting! I have neither time nor reason to think about aging!

You can follow Julia’s creative style on her Instagram Page here ~ JULZARU and you can find her fabulous hand-made knit wear on Easy ~ JULIA’S FINE KNITS

Our thanks to Julia for sharing her fabulous style and hand-made knitwear with our FCO50 Tribe of lovelies.

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  1. Gail Hanlon
    January 17, 2017 at 5:04 am (2 years ago)

    I really admire those who can make their own clothes and Julia looks fantastic in her creations.

    • Jonet
      January 17, 2017 at 8:12 am (2 years ago)

      I completely agree, dear Gail! Looking at Julia’s beautiful knitwear, I would have guessed she found them at a high-end boutique. Thanks for your comment, darling, and for adding us to your list of favorite blogs. Xo Jonet


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