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over 60 woman in red dress
Photo credit @dentontaylor

I loved the mixed fabrics in this dress by @alembika. I paired it with a scarf made from antique kimonos for even more contrast. My bracelets are by @ponojsg and the asymmetrical earrings are by @imanijewelrynyc

over 60 woman dressed in black
Photo credit @dentontaylor

I paired a mixed sari fabric shawl with this asymmetrical coat by angels never die. I like playing with accessories to totally change a look.

woman over 60 dressed in black wrap
Photo credit @dentontaylor

The architecture and fabric of this piece grabbed my attention. It is by Sohung designs

woman over 60 in gray wrap
Photo credit @dentontaylor

This jacket by @aimeegdesigns has a wonderful mix of fabrics. I liked playing with the black and white theme in my bracelet choices and added a scarf, also by aimeeg.

woman over 60 dressed red checked dress
Photo credit @dentontaylor

Nuvula makes theatrical costumes as well as ready to wear clothing. I fell in love with this jacket because it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I loved the whimsy and I loved the silhouette.

woman over 60 in green cape
Photo credit @dentontaylor

I love to know who made my clothes and I love unusual silhouettes. This top, hand-woven by Camille Benjamin, really lets me spread my wings. I paired it with a mixed fabric scarf and chunky black and green bracelets.

Be fearless! Discover what lines and colors work best for you. Fashion trends come and go. Style is all about personal expression. Dayle

I am so pleased to introduce you to a ridiculously creative fashionista from New York City, who has managed to successfully mingle art with style and the result is like an art show in motion!

Meet the uber stylish Dayle, who describes her personal style as both artistic and dramatic, but we would call it absolutely, over the top fabulously chic!  Dayle, who has a rich history in musical theater, tells us that accessories are the key to fashion success.

But Dayle isn’t just a sensational fashion icon, she’s been an advocate and public speaker on health care and consumer protection issues in addition to her fascination with fashion.

She encourages experimenting with style, taking risks and wearing what makes you feel good and personally gravitates toward color, asymmetry and interesting silhouettes. Great advice from one very cool fashionista!

FCO50: Describe your personal style

DAYLE: I would describe my style as artistic and dramatic. I like asymmetrical lines and the use of multiple fabrics in a single garment. I am drawn to the shape of clothing and like dresses, pants, and tops that have unusual silhouettes.

Accessories are the key to my look. I love bright colors, but I do live in New York and have the requisite amount of black clothing in my closet!! I always wear multiple bangles on my right arm and am particularly fond of earring that go together but don’t match.

FCO50: What is your favorite fashion trend?

DAYLE: I can’t say that I have a favorite fashion trend. I see style as a matter of personal expression and don’t really follow trends. I never wanted to look like anyone else!

FCO50: You’ve managed to create a style that is absolutely recognizably Dayle. Can you give us some tips on how to create a signature style?

DAYLE: Be fearless! Discover what lines and colors work best for you. Fashion trends come and go. Style is all about personal expression. Wear what makes you feel good. Experiment with accessories. That is where the creativity comes in.

FCO50: What keeps you young?

DAYLE: I have a lot of energy and a lot of interests which I have had time to pursue now that I am retired. I live in New York, so for someone who is passionate about the arts, the possibilities are limitless. And dance classes three times a week literally keep me on my toes!!

FCO50: What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

DAYLE: MAC Rebel lipstick!

After enjoying Dayle’s artistic fashion show, I wouldn’t be surprised if MAC actually named that lipstick after her!  Agreed?


I had a long career as an advocate and public speaker on health care and consumer protection issues. At the same time, I performed as a singer/dancer in various cabaret acts and in musical theater productions. I am now retired and have been pursuing my passion for the arts working as a docent at a New York art museum.

To follow (we sure do) Dayle on her Instagram feed for even more fashion inspiration, you can find her here at ARTFULCITYSTYLE.

Much gratitude to the lovely Dayle who has personally provided us with a fashion show good enough to share with everyone you know!

We want to thank you for stopping by FCO50 and hope you are enjoying our She’s Got Style global fashion show.  If you have suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear from you in the Comment Section below.

Enjoy your own fashion journey, darlings,

XO, Jone’t 

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2 Comments on The American Fashionista Who’s Transformed Fashion into Art | She’s Got Style

  1. Gail
    December 14, 2016 at 6:42 am (2 years ago)

    Some amazingly bold and strong outfits here! I would love to have such a strong sense of style.

    • Jonet
      December 14, 2016 at 8:00 am (2 years ago)

      I couldn’t agree more, Gail. I love how Dayle has interwoven her love of art and the theater with fashion. Thanks so much for your comment! Xo Jonet


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