What to wear as a guest to a wedding; it leaves many women shaking in their Jimmy Choo’s from sea to shining sea.  Choosing the right outfit for these special occasions is a decision not to be taken lightly, and making the wrong decision, could place you on the faux pas list (nobody wants that, darlings).

The time of the wedding, traditionally dictates the formality of the event and, accordingly, guest attire.  For instance, a 5:00 p.m. wedding, once upon a time, would have been considered a formal wedding.  But that isn’t necessarily the case with outdoor venues at sunset.


Outdoor weddings on scenic farms are a huge wedding trend and the hubster and I have actually attended two in the last month.  So I’ll share my own fashion missteps with you, my friends, so that you can learn from my mistakes, along with some Outdoor Wedding Fashion Tips.


For our first sunset outdoor wedding, I opted to go with tradition, wearing a cocktail dress and a brand spankin new pair of Vince Camuto heels.  Big mistake, HUGE!  I was one of the only women in semi-formal attire and my heels sunk into the ground with every step.  The temps also dropped once the glorious sunset completed it’s show, and the cashmere wrap I thought would be enough, was not living up to my expectations.  I received a gold sticker that day for a head to toe epic fashion fail!

Learning from my first outdoor wedding fashion blunder, I chose a more appropriate ensemble for this sunset barn-themed venue. A long sweater dress from Ann Taylor in plumb, winter black tights and my favorite pair of cowboy boots. To glam up the look, I let the accessories make the statement by adding a simple grey scarf with beading along the bottom and a fantabulous Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag.


I topped off the look with the same black cashmere wrap, which was perfect for the actual sunset wedding, but tossed a full length winter coat in the car as backup. And guess what? This time I nailed it, as the bridesmaids and groomsmen were all wearing cowboy boots! Giving myself a fashion high-five here!





  1. Ask the bride, groom or their parents for a suggested dress code.
  2. Go to the wedding venue website to check for a dress guide.
  3. Never, ever wear white to a wedding unless it’s you saying the I Do’s.  Remember, it’s nocho day (showing off my Spanish skills) and the bride should be the only one wearing white.
  4. Even if it’s an evening wedding, don’t assume you must wear a cocktail dress.
  5. If you choose to wear heels, try a wedge, winter boots or cowboy boot that won’t leave you needing an assist to remove your heals from the grass.
  6. Let your accessories glam up your look.  Add some scrumptious dangly earrings, necklaces, or an elegant scarf.
  7. Make a statement with a chic clutch or small handbag.
  8. Layer with reckless abandon.  Top off your look with a classy cashmere cape or wrap, but toss a winter jacket in the car just in case.  No one wants to shiver at a wedding reception unless, of course we’re on the dance floor!

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What did you wear to an outdoor wedding? Share your fashion tips with our FCO50 tribe in the Comment Section below.

Live, love and enjoy your fashion journey, darlings,

XO, Jone’t 

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