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If a person has a feeling that she ages, she will. If she feels young, she grows younger. Andrea Zavodska

Today we are visiting the breathtaking city of Bratislava, Slovakia, to visit the beautiful fashionista Andrea Zavodska. Andrea is a former model and tells us she loves embracing her feminine, elegant side. Judging by her stunning photos, it would be a safe bet that her favorite fashion piece would be a fabulous pair of designer heels or drool-worthy handbag, but not our Andrea, she prefers PAJAMAS and we lve that about her!

Andrea, who is a wife, mother and entrepreneur, was born and still living in the picturesque city of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, which she describes as “the heart of Europe”. Without further adieu, let’s get to know our new friend, shall we?

FCO50: Describe your personal style.

ANDREA: In my personal style, I was always open to everything from which I had a good feeling and felt comfortable in. So I don’t really have a reserved style. I always decide for my outfit by my current situation or emotions, but keeping my look to have a certain spark and feminity.

FCO50: Do you include fashion trends into your looks or create your own personal style?

ANDREA: In fashion I go by a rule of “Less is more” and love simpler and cleaner lines.
I like to check the newest trends and collections of world fashion designers sometimes. Their amazing creativity fascinates me, but not everything that’s IN appeals to me, so I tend not to get very influenced by the fashion trends. I rather look for inspiration in them.

FCO50: If you had to pick one item, what’s your favorite piece of clothing?

ANDREA: I love the freedom and comfort of my house, so I like to be in my pajamas the whole day :). Therefore, apart from my favourite clothes it’s pajamas!

FCO50: How have your fashion choices changed since turning 40+?

ANDREA: In the past, when my kids were young, I preferred a sporty style. After I entered the mid age, I started to have more free time for myself and with it changed my wardrobe into more elegant and feminine.

FCO50: What is your all time favorite beauty product?

ANDREA: My favourite beauty product is virgin coconut oil. I use it for my skin, body and even teeth as I’m not using any other cosmetics. People’s skin should be well nourished and hydrated from the inside out with quality foods.


I am a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur in many things. I love people, nature, animals and everything beautiful that life brings me.

Age is just a number for me I don’t care about. I don’t even celebrate my birthdays. If a person has a feeling that she ages, she will. If she feels young, she grows younger. It depends on our mental settings. I have the same birth year as Johnny Depp for example ;).

I always had a close relationship with fashion as I was a model in my student years back in the socialist Czechoslovakia.

There had been a big turning point in my life in 2012 when I was diagnosed with many unpleasant diagnosis. It was the year I grabbed my life fully with my hands and radically changed my diet and lifestyle. Decided for it one day and became raw vegan the next day. It saved my life and changed it not only for me, but even my whole family to better. Now I only do what I like and I enjoy my life.

To see more of Andrea’s fabulous Slovakian style, you can follow her, like we do, on Instagram by clicking on LADY CARISMA.

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