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Today’s She’s Got Style global fashionista is one busy, beautiful lady!  Not only has she been a flight attendant for almost 30 years, she’s also a substitute teacher (in her spare time)!  She was born in Iowa, but moved to picturesque Hawaii as a baby, lucky girl!

If you’ve seen Kim’s outstanding Instagram Page, you’ll notice she leans towards a “conservative” casual style but loves to glam it up with accessories and has a gift for infusing a bit of fun into her style.  Kim and her husband of 29 years have three boys, a daughter-in-law and gorgeous baby granddaughter.

Kim was kind enough to share many great travel fashion and packing tips with us, and we are most grateful!  Get your printer warmed up, darlings, you are going to love Kim’s expert travel and packing tips!

I stack individual pieces of an entire outfit on top of each other, roll that stack into one big roll, and then pack outfit rolls side by side in the suitcase. Kim

FCO50: Tell us about your personal style.

KIM: I would describe my usual personal style as “modest, dressy/casual”—as if I’m meeting the girls for lunch—but really it depends on the occasion! At my son’s wrestling tournaments you’ll find me in Athleta yoga pants or Gap jeans, but for church I’ll don either a dress or skirt and heels.

One day a week when I substitute teach, I’ll wear pants and a blouse but when I’m high in the sky (for my flight attendant job!) I’m in a uniform so super easy-peasy! Because I tend on the little-bit-crazy-compulsive side (if you watch my IG Stories, you’ll see what I mean!) you’ll usually catch me up-styling just a tiny bit more than what’s called for, if you know what I mean.

FCO50: Have your style choices changed since you turned 50?

KIM: My style really has not changed with age at all. Even in college I veered on the modest side and usually dressed up just a speck more than was absolutely necessary!

FCO50: You’ve been a flight attendant for almost thirty years. Can you give us your Travel Fashion DO List?

KIM: Definitely pants (for warmth), comfortable shoes (and socks either on your feet or in your bag—due to airplane chill), a short sleeve top, cardigan, and most definitely a jacket. If you tend to get cold easily, I would also bring your own blanket! Layers are an absolute MUST—you never know if the cabin will be hot or cold and either extreme would be miserable if you’re not dressed appropriately.

FCO50: How about your Travel Don’t List?

KIM: The opposite of above—don’t dress in clothes that fence you in one way or another—make sure you’re wearing layers that can be peeled off or piled on! Be fashion versatile. Also, mind your colors—I could never wear white or even light colors while traveling because inevitably, a beverage will spill or I’ll brush against something and then I’ll have a huge unsightly spot on my clothes for the rest of the trip! In addition, we always carry on a change of clothes and can’t-live-without toiletries (in TSA legal quantities) for those just-in-case scenarios!

FCO50: What is the one must-have beauty product in your cosmetic bag?

KIM: The one beauty product I cannot live without is moisturizer! I probably have about five or six different creams (all with different purposes!) that I smear on each morning and evening—it’s quite the ritual!! And facial sunscreen—I have enough freckles and wrinkles as it is—no need to add to the chaos!

FCO50: Can you give us your top packing tips?


If you’ll only be gone for a few days, put all your toiletries into tiny containers like empty hotel shampoo containers (that’s what I use for my moisturizer and hair cream) and put creams that you only use a tiny bit of (like eye cream and acne cream) into a twist top contact lens case. Don’t forget to label!

I stack individual pieces of an entire outfit on top of each other, roll that stack into one big roll, and then pack outfit rolls side by side in the suitcase.

I pack necklace/earring sets in individual Ziploc bags and then put those bags into one big Ziploc. This way I can see each set at a glance and pull out the correct set to go with each outfit. I try to pack more generic pieces so I don’t have to take too much, yet have enough so I don’t get too bored! Lol!

Since I’m not really into shoes (big surprise right?! I rarely wear them in pics!), I pack as few pairs as possible– usually one casual, one beach, and one dressy pair.

Suitcase Safety
Always make sure your contact info is on the inside of your suitcases as well as the outside. It should be on the inside in case your suitcase is lost and the outside tag gets ripped off. For security purposes, ensure your personal info on the outside tag is hidden. I turn the card around backwards if it’s inside one of those tags with a plastic window and on the blank side (which is showing in the window) I write “info on the back”.

FCO50: How about carry-on must haves?

KIM: Medications, emergency toiletries (in case your luggage is delayed), jacket, snacks, re-fillable water bottle (take it through TSA empty and then fill it up before boarding.), reading material or puzzles, extra batteries for your electronics and all charger cords, a pen and a small travel pillow if it will make you more comfortable. Did I say snacks—very important! I never rely on the airline to provide me with snacks and water at the exact time (or type or amount) as I would want—I always carry my own stash!

FCO50: Between layovers and long flights, it can leave passengers with many idle hours. Do you have a few tricks for helping the time go faster?

KIM: I always bring something to read. If your reading material is electronic, make sure you have a backup in case you lose battery or your device isn’t working properly. I have all books on both my IPad and my cell phone. Don’t forget your ear buds in case you feel like watching TV or a movie. Sometimes they have great foreign films or TV shows that you normally wouldn’t get to watch at home!

If you have time to kill at an airport, go shopping! Most airports have amazing stores (some are local shops!) so browsing around is a great way to pass the time! Most airports also have free Wi-Fi, so take advantage of that to check your email and Instagram!

To follow Kim on Instagram, you can find her here Midlife Style Tips where she not only provides personal style inspiration, she features other stylish women of every age too!


I’m originally from Hawaii but when I was in high school, we moved to Iowa (where my dad is from) and I went to 1 ½ years of college there before transferring to Brigham Young University where I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. My master’s degree is in Marriage and Family Therapy (from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington).

For the past twenty-nine years (It will be thirty in February!), I’ve worked as a flight attendant for one of the legacy airlines here in the U.S. For the last one and a half years, I’ve also enjoyed substitute teaching at my youngest son’s middle school.

This December will mark twenty-nine years of marriage! My husband and I have three sons (26, 16, and 13), one beautiful daughter in-law, and a sweet baby granddaughter (1 ½ years old!). Due to my husband’s job, before moving to our current home, we lived in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We have loved every single city we’ve lived in and have made such wonderful friends at every location!

We’d like to extend our heart-felt thanks to Kim for the extra work she put into our interview and sharing some outstanding travel tips.

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Enjoy your own style journey, darlings,

XO, Jone’t 

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Jonet Wooten is a 56 year old former investigative newspaper reporter/photographer. She's always in search of the latest and greatest in Fashion, Beauty and Travel, which she writes about on her AWARD WINNING blog. Creator of the popular global fashion series She's Got Style.
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4 Comments on Fashion Travel & Packing Secrets from a Flight Attendant | She’s Got Style

  1. Kim
    November 27, 2016 at 8:24 pm (2 years ago)

    Thank you so much for this feature Jonet! You are an amazing writer– it has been so much fun getting to know other wonderful women here on your blog! Thank you so much for introducing all of us to each other! Have a blessed week!

    • Jonet
      November 28, 2016 at 7:06 am (2 years ago)

      Thank YOU, dear Kim, for inspiring us with your fun spirit and style as well as your outrageously amazing travel tips. You truly hit this one out of the park, my friend. Xo Jonet

  2. Amanda
    November 27, 2016 at 3:12 pm (2 years ago)

    This interview contains some extremely useful packing / travel advice. Thanks Kim and Jonet

    • Jonet
      November 27, 2016 at 7:10 pm (2 years ago)

      Thanks for your kind comment, Amanda! I must agree, I’ll be putting Kim’s outstanding packing and travel tips to use the next time I fly the friendly skies! Xo Jonet


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