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Grace descries her style as graceful and classy with a.fun twist.


Grace has a passion for fabulous shoes!


On today’s edition of She’s Got Style, we’d like to introduce you to our latest global fashionista, Grace, who was born and raised in China, then immigrated to the United States after meeting the man of her dreams.  Grace has a story that is simply extraordinary.

Grace and her happy husband call Michigan home, where she’s one busy beauty, as a full time teacher, fashion blogger and a TV co-host at some of the local Detroit area stations. Her life in America is vastly different from the many days she went to bed cold and hungry as a child in China.  Now work, fashion, her new found passion for gardening and traveling with her husband take center stage in her life in America.

Looking back on her childhood, Grace tells us that “most traditional Asian cultures value sons above daughters”, and she adds, “no one thought of me as a beauty, including myself”.  But Grace made a move that changed her life (or “ran” as she says) to the modern and glamorous city of Shanghai, where she was dazzled by fashion and started to gain some self confidence.  It’s also where she met her husband, and her life has never been the same since!

Well, the cold and hungry girl with little self-confidence has blossomed into a beautiful and successful business woman, not to mention running a popular fashion blog, you can see it here  ~ COLOR AND GRACE.  Her chic, elegant, international style is something her many followers can’t get enough of and might be one of the reasons she has a booming following on Instagram, you can follow her here ~ COLOR AND GRACE.

I collect fun and wearable shoes. Grace

FCO50: How would you describe your personal style?

GRACE: Classy, Graceful (of course!) and with a colorful fun twist.

FCO50: If we could take a peek inside your closet, what would we find?

GRACE: You have hit upon my favorite room! And it is a room, I have a big walk-in closet thanks to my dear husband. You can find all kinds of things. But most people seem to be drawn to my shoe racks. I collect fun and wearable shoes.

FCO50: Tell us about the one fashion piece that has earned you the most compliments.

GRACE: I have to say it is my colorful red leather Louis Vuitton bag. It can go with just about any outfit. It easily transforms from casual to formal, and is also equally at home from day to night.


I was born and raised in China, and moved to America in 2007 to marry my husband. My day job is a full time teacher, but I am also a fashion blogger and a TV co-host at some of our local Detroit area stations. I might be a little bit biased but have the two cutest grand-daughters in he world. I have a backyard pool but I can’t swim.

My friends still can’t believe that while going to high school and college in China that I never drank alcohol (I think school in China is a VERY different experience than in the west.) I had never learned how to drive a car before I moved to America.

Thank you, Grace, for sharing your amazing life story with us and for dazzling us with your fabulous style.  I think this saying sums up Grace’s extraordinary journey perfectly, “A flower’s happy ending is in the sun, but its real story took place in the dark.” Matshona Dhliwayo.

Where in the world shall we go next, dear friends?  Well, since it’s October, it would be a crying shame to miss out on Octoberfest in Germany.  Pack your bags, darlings, we’re off again to meet our next global fashionista!

I want to thank you all for joining us each week as we travel the world in search of fabulously chic women over 40 and learning how fashion is different and yet similar around the world.  If you are enjoying She’s Got Style, would you do us the honor of sharing it with your friends?  After all, traveling with a whole group of fantabulous women is a blast!

See you in Germany, dolls!

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XO, Jone’t 

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