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Sharryn is a big fan of wide legged pants.



Sharryn describes her signature style accessory as headscarves and head wraps.

Sharryn loves a glamorous pair of over-sized “sunnies” or as we call them in the United States, sunglasses.


What happens when boho Chic meets sophistication?  Today’s She’s Got Style global fashionista owns both styles and more ~ meet is the beautiful Sharryn Morris-Claire from Melbourne Australia.

Sharryn is a firm believer in making fashion an adventure and encourages both herself and others to explore new fashion styles. “Women improve as they grow older” Sharryn explains, and having fun with style and beauty helped her to eventually discover an over 40 style all her own.  She’s was also kind enough to give us a list of style tips!

I want to be bold and I ‘dare to be different’ every day. Sharryn

FCO50: Describe your personal style.

SHARRYN: Well I guess my style is a bit of a mixture of many things. I’m a little bit chic and a little bit sophisticated with a touch of bo-ho thrown in. I like to make a statement with my style and am petrified of becoming invisible. I want to be bold and I ‘dare to be different’ every day.

FCO50: What is the one fashion item you wear the most? Maybe a certain pair of pants or shoes.

SHARRYN: Today, my signature style would be my headscarves and head wraps along with oversized statement sunnies and wide legged pants. These can change every outfit in so many ways.

FCO50: In which country do you live?

SHARRYN: I’m from Melbourne, Australia which by no co-incidence is the fashion capital of our country. It is riddled with our own wonderful designers and unique boutiques all selling their own different and unusual clothes. I love being in Melbourne as the unpredictable climate provides lots of opportunities to explore different looks and try out seasonal collections. What a great excuse to dress up each day.


To me, age is just a number. Math was never my strength however I figure I must be somewhere over 50??? I stopped having birthdays a long time ago. When it comes to age, I believe women improve as they get older and they should keep trying different looks, explore new techniques and take pleasure in looking their best at all times, no matter what their age.

I never want my look to be pigeonholed by my age, however in saying that, these days I would avoid dressing like a 20-year-old. I think being stylish has no age limit and I wish more women would embrace this mentality.

I started in fashion at the age of 3 when I found my passion playing dress ups with makeup as a way to create a different look each day.

As a grown up, I now make a living out of helping women find their full potential through their own individual style and image, giving them a level of confidence they may have lost.


1. Experiment with new looks, new colors, new hairstyles, new make-up and don’t get stuck in a time warp.

2. Find someone who’s style you admire and copy her. Eventually your style will evolve and become your own.

3. Ask friends who dress well for help and tips. You’ll get advice and they will be flattered.

4. Take photos of looks that appeal to you then study the shape, color, cut etc. to find out why it is flattering. Keep these images in a scrapbook for reference or inspiration.

5. Make friends with the shop assistants. They have a wealth of knowledge and can help you so much – if you let them.

Finally, I believe style should be fun!

Enjoy your clothes and try new things. Don’t be shy. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look and feel great. Some of my best buys have been under $50.

To see more of Sharryn’s inspirational style and to follow her on Instagram, click on The Stylish Woman.

Many thanks to Sharryn for sharing her inspirational style tips and ideas. What fun it is to see how fashion is done in Australia and let’s face it, Sharryn’s style screams “style guru”!

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