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Here’s a “fun” {insert eye roll} fact… “women develop more and deeper wrinkles around their mouths as they age than men do,” according to Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Now based upon this data, one might assume that as a beauty blogger, I might be taking a closer look in the mirror at my makeup efforts before posting photos. Had I done that, it would have been glaringly obvious that the wrinkle fairy had blessed me with the gift of additional lines around my mouth (note lipstick gone rogue aka lipstick bleeding).

Nars Lipstick

Well honey, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, and it was clear I had to take some immediate beauty action. As it turns out, the remedy for lipstick bleeding was so ridiculously simple ….. LIP LINER, baby!


Using a lip liner is actually a crucial step and does more than just stop lipstick from creeping down your face. Consider it like a foundation primer that actually makes your lipstick last longer and look better.

“Lip liner is generally made of waxes and powders that act as a barrier stopping lipstick from feathering into lines around the mouth,” explains MAKE UP FOR EVER Vice President of Education and Artistry, Simone Ciafardini.

Wrinkle lines around mouth
Nars Lipstick, no lip liner
lip liner
Same lipstick with lip liner

So I put lip liner to the test and I can honestly say that using a lip liner actually does stop lipstick from bleeding.  Check out my zoomed in before shot from above and the after photo using a nude lip liner and the exact same Nars lipstick.  Notice how my lipstick is now staying in place? Oh happy day!


The general rule is to choose a lip liner close to your lipstick/gloss color. Another popular and money saving alternative is to go with a nude liner, which will generally work with any color.

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Here are a couple of our favorite nude lip liners:

SHOP Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil in Nude

SHOP Clinique Quickliner for Lips in Intense Sassafras


Here are a few lip liner application tips:
1. Sharpen lip liner.

2. Draw a few lines on the back of your hand to dull the point a bit and warm up your lip liner.

3. Angle the liner when applying to achieve a softer, natural line and lipstick barrier.

4. Trace your natural lip line.

5. Use a lip brush (some lines actually come with one at the other end of the lip liner, like Estee Lauder & Lancome). to smooth and feather the liner, brushing inward towards your lips. This will allow the liner to blend better with your lipstick.

6. Apply your favorite lipstick and voila… runaway lipstick worries vanished with the snap of your fingers!

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Stay gorgeous, darlings,

XO, Jone’t 

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