Grandma in the kitchen

Those of us who were blessed enough to have our grandmothers in our lives were left with more treasured memories than any hope chest could possible hold.

Although my grandma couldn’t have hit the 5 foot mark if she stood on her tippy toes, she was larger than life to all who knew and loved her. I took this photo of her when I was a kid and it’s special to me because she was in her favorite room in the house ~ the kitchen, where she cooked up scrumptious meals for all who visited.

While my grandma kept her beauty routine simple, the products she used, plus good Cuban skin, gave her youthful, relatively wrinkle-free skin into her 80’s (she was 74 in this photo).

I remember my sister and I being mesmerized as children playing beauty shop in Grandma’s bathroom and some of her favorite products in her cabinet are still popular today and with good reason.

We tested them all and so we present to you the 9 Beauty Products Grandma Was Right About.

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noxzema cleanser
Noxzema has been helping women remove makeup and ease sunburns since 1914. Although it’s no longer sold in the signature cobalt blue jar, Noxzema, which was once dubbed “the miracle cream of Baltimore”, uses camphor and eucalyptus as two of their ingredients.
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Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel has been used by women for centuries to help with oily skin, eczema, bruises, redness, swelling and is an inexpensive, natural toner.
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Ponds Cream
Not only did our beloved grandmothers slather their beautiful faces with Ponds Cold Cream, there’s a good chance this trend dates back many generations. Ponds Cold Creme was invented in 1846 by United States pharmacist Theron Pond who extracted a tea from Witch Hazel which could heal cuts and other skin problems. Originally named “Golden Treasure”, it was renamed Ponds Cold Cream after it’s inventor upon his death in 1849.
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smith's rosebud salve
The Rosebud Perfume Company was founded in 1892 by Dr. George Smith and his signature Rosebud Salve was created at the request of friends and customers who suggested he prepare a balm that could cure various minor skin irritations. Smith’s Rosebud Salve became popular, then and now, for treating chapped lips and hands, blemishes and diaper rash.

Dr. Smith’s Rosebud Salve has a cult following with magazines such as In Style, Glamour and Allure singing it’s praises. It’s also popular with celebrities and their makeup artists as a favorite natural looking lip gloss.
Smith’s Rosebud Salve

palmers cocoa butter
Popular in grandma’s day and today, Cocoa Butter has deep hydrating properties, can help with stretch marks and is sensitive skin friendly. Cocoa Butter is a staple in many DIY natural beauty recipes and we thought we’d share one of our favorites from Wellness Mama, her Natural Whipped Body Butter. Click HERE for recipe.
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Glycerin is considered to be a humectant (retaining or preserving moisture) and can naturally increase the moisture level to your skin. With powerful properties to soothe, moisturize, heal and protect, you’ll find it in many beauty products today. Here are a few easy DIY natural recipes featuring Glycerin, from our friends at New Health Guide ~ click HERE for recipes.
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coconut oil
Coconut Oil has been used for centuries to beautify the body both inside and can be found today in many natural beauty products. It is an effective moisturizer for hair and skin, a natural antifungal and antibacterial oil.

Some of our favorite uses for this scrumptious smelling beauty secret are:
1. Deep hair conditioning mask (I actually use it once a week)
2. Makeup remover (as an extra bonus, it conditions your eyelashes while gently removing makeup)
3. To shave your legs
4. Body lotion
Plus a few more from Prevention ~ click HERE to read more.
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mccain's steel cut oatmeal
My Grandma was a child of the depression era and she never wasted a single thing. Oatmeal was an affordable, healthy, multi-tasking grain that did far more than feed us a hearty breakfast. A popular DIY beauty ingredient in grandma’s day and today, Oatmeal is moisturizing and it’s antioxidant properties can be used as a mask to brighten and soothe skin or tossed into a hot bath to treat your skin to an at-home spa bath (just use a strainer to fish it out before draining the tub).

Check out these 5 DIY Oatmeal Beauty Recipes from Just Fab Blog ~ click HERE.
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Epsom Salt
Grandma knew all about the healing properties of Epsom Salt. Used to relieve pain, reduce muscle inflammation, migraine headaches and relaxation.

Here’s my favorite Detox Relaxation Bath Recipe, but I give you fair warning, brush your teeth and pop in your mouth guard before sliding into this healing bath because you’ll be so relaxed afterwards, you might need help crawling into bed!

1 Cup Epsom Salt
2 Cups Baking Soda
1 Tbsp Ginger Powder
* Place all ingredients into tub with water.
* Stir well.
* Soak for at least 30 minutes
* Nighty night ~ ZZZzzz
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I miss my grandma daily, but I keep this photo of her in my own kitchen, that way she’s by my side in the kitchen and in my corazon (heart) always.

What was your grandma’s favorite beauty product? Tell us about it in the Comment Section below.

Here’s to all the grandmas in the world!

XO, Jone’t 

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