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One of the many perks of being empty nesters is the freedom to roam, explore and travel at a moment’s notice. Our suitcases are always prepped and at the ready for our next adventure be it by plane, train or automobile.

Small dog riding shotgun in car
Of course this guy, AKA Bubba, King of Casa Wooten, begs to differ on the footloose and fancy free empty nester declaration and has demanded a retraction. He might be waiting a while (just sayin)!

Now I may or may not be President of the southern chapter of Germaphobes Anonymous. Hanging out with a bazillion strangers in an airport, the airplane itself and or hotel rooms sometimes makes me think it might be worth searching for an adorable bedazzled hazmat travel suit (tell me you haven’t at least once thought about it!).

woman in white hazmat suit
Honestly, throw on a strand of black pearls, a pair of Jimmy Choos and we’ve got ourselves a travel suit!

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Bac-D hand sanitizer
Bac-D Hand Sanitizer (Alcohol-Free, FDA Approved)

Since I had read that hand sanitizers with alcohol were bad news bears, I went in search of a healthier alternative and hit the proverbial jackpot. I discovered a hand sanitizer with absolutely ZERO alcohol (it’s non-irritating and won’t dry your skin), and it kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

I’m more than a little impressed that Bac-D kills viruses like Staph, MRSA, E. Coli (headed out of the country?) and Salmonella! And it continues to fight and kill germs and viruses for 3 hours after application! Oh Bac-D, you had me at “kills staph”!

It also works as a non-stinging wound sanitizer for both people and pets. I have one bottle in my car, one in my purse, and one in my luggage (I kid you not).

aquabod collapsible travel water bottle
Aquabod Collapsible Water Bottle (BPA Free, FDA Approved)

They say a woman should drink approximately eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily, and I do my very best to get close. In the past, I’d get to the TSA area and have to dump my water in the trash, which made me a sad panda.

Now I travel with Aquabod’s Foldable Water Bottle and fill it at the handy dandy water refill stations which can be found in almost any airport. Not only does this save me money, a bulky water bottle isn’t taking up valuable carry on real estate when it’s not needed.

I love that it’s BPA free, leakproof and lightweight. I even take it with me to the gym and on long walks with the kids, Bubba and Daisy.

So now we’re on the plane, we’ve filled our water bottle, seat belts are fastened, time to take off my shoes and get comfy. But I have absolutely NO intention of putting my tootsies on the plane floorboards, so I grab my soft, plush slippers and settle in for the flight.

I love the

because they are foldable, have non-slip soles, come in a variety of colors and can be tossed into the washing machine after each travel adventure. I also wear them in hotel rooms!

nidra sleep mask
Nidra Sleep Mask

It doesn’t take an international-length flight for me to be chatting up the Sandman. But let’s face it, there’s a lot of activity and light going on during most flights. A sleep mask allows me to catch some zzz’s and squeeze in some recharge time no matter how crowded the plane might be.

This Sleep Mask by Nidra is my fave because it’s lightweight, has a contoured shape for better fit and is extremely comfortable.

mycra pac travel rain coat
Mycra Pac Travel Rain Coat

No matter where we are headed, I always bring a raincoat. I discovered the Micra Pac Rain Jacket years ago and am utterly obsessed with it’s fashionable design and wearability. Mine is reversible (teal blue on one side and black on the other), has a gorgeous hood to protect hair from storms and travels like a dream.

It folds easily and comes in it’s own travel bag in matching fabric. LOVE!expensive luggage and handbag

Mycra pac raincoat, blue and black

crabtree & evelyn hand therapy
Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy

We all know how travel wreaks havoc on our skin and our hands really take a beating. Last year, my gorgeous sister-in-law, told me about Crabtree & Evelyn’s Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream. She was utterly obsessed, and I have officially joined her!

Evelyn wasn’t kidding about the “ultra moisturizing” part and each hand cream smells divine! I ordered the Sampler, which has four 9 ounce tubes, perfect for your purse or carry on luggage. Although I love them all, my favorite is the Tarocco Orange.

crabtree & evelyne hand cream

What are yourfavorite travel essentials?

Live, love and travel in comfort like a pro, darlings,

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