the sanctuary at kiawah island spa room
One of the tranquil Relaxation Rooms at the Kiawah Island Spa ~ photo via The Sanctuary

It doesn’t take a neurobiologist to prove to me the health and beauty benefits of spending a little rejuvenation time at the spa.  Being pampered at the spa encourages peace of mind, relaxes mind and body and can be our ally in the anti-aging process.

On a recent unforgettable two-day romantic getaway to The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island (you can read our luxury hotel review HERE) we wasted no time making appointments at the award-winning Kiawah Island Spa.  My husband had one of the best massages of his life, while I indulged in the signature Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial.

I present to you, dear friends, our review of the Kiawah Island Spa.

kiawah island spa hallway
Spa hallway to the Treatment Rooms

One step inside the Kiawah Island Spa and it whispers ultimate sanctuary for the body and soul.  From the sights and sounds of trickling water fountains, luxurious furniture, paired with a professional and friendly staff, this is truly a special place.

Let’s face it, a Five Star Award from Forbes Travel Guide, plus winning one of the Best Hotel Spas in America by three different travel magazines is some serious love.

the sanctuary at kiawah island locker room
Ladies’ Locker Room
Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial

We’ll begin our spa review with my Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial.  I was led to the Ladies’ Locker Room, where a plush and comfy robe and rubber shoes had been layed out for me.  Inside the beautifully appointed room, were wood lockers, private changing areas and a separate room to touch up makeup post-spa treatment.

Once in my robe, I was escorted to my treatment room, which had just the right amount of light to invite mind and body to slow down.  Fragrantly lit candles were placed strategically around the room, while soothing music played gently in the background.  I climbed onto the comfortably padded bed, pulled the covers up around me, and prepared myself for the pampering.

Beautiful Young Woman Getting a Face Treatment at Beauty Salon.
Here I am, receiving my facial (I can hear ya’ll laughing from here!) Alright, it’s a stock photo, but in my mind, this is EXACTLY how I looked!

Morgan was my Esthetician and she put her 8 plus years of knowledge and experience to work on my face, neck, scalp and feet.

After gently cleansing my skin, Morgan applied a Warm Infusing Mask loaded with essential vitamins and minerals designed to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.  It’s an interesting feeling, the mask gliding on my face, then drying to an almost clay-like finish and removed in one piece.  It exfoliates like a dream.

Each product Morgan applied with the gentle application and touch of an artist.  The products used for each step of the facial had an utterly luxurious feel to them and the subtle floral scents of the essential oils were brilliantly selected by the Sodashi team to take us on a journey from invigoration to relaxation.

Inbetween steps, Morgan expertly massaged my feet, scalp, hands, arms, neck and shoulders, and I felt myself slipping deeper into the ultimate relaxed state.

Afterwards, I felt utterly and completely pampered and rejuvenated, my skin felt moisturized, luminescent, my moisturizer and makeup glided on and I needed less (proof of the exfoliation and hydrating properties of the Sodashi Facial).

Kiawah Island Spa
Morgan and I post-facial.
the sanctuary at kiawah island treatment room
One of the Treatment Rooms ~ via Kiawah Island Spa

So I’ve gotta level with you, my friends, when I told my macho, ex-college football player of a hunky hubbster we were headed to the spa together, he gave me a look that made it clear he was sending out a search party for the marbles I had apparently lost on our drive to Kiawah Island.

He quickly changed his mind, however, as soon as his masseuse started melting away his aches and pains with her skillful massage.  He had the 1 hour Signature Massage, and guests have the option of specifying a male or female masseuse (we didn’t specify).

She began by covering his eyes with eucalyptus scented eye pads, the room filled with the relaxing scent of natural essential oils.  Carl explained she used hot towels to warm each area before she went to work on that specific muscle group, which enhanced the effectiveness of the massage.

He described the experience as a first-class, melt into the table, ultimate massage, which he found to be both calming and relaxing.

the sanctuary at kiawah island spa room
Relaxation Room ~ photo via Kiawah Island Spa

After our luxurious spa treatments, we spent time lounging in the co-ed relaxation room where they served homemade granola bars (scrumptious), nuts, fruits, chilled water and teas.

the sanctuary at kiawah island snacks
Homemade granola, nuts and fruits, teas and water await spa guests in the Relaxation Rooms.

After experiencing both the luxurious facial and relaxing massage, we whole-heartedly agree with the experts who have dubbed this island spa one of the best in the United States. Top that off with a Five Star Award from Forbes Travel Guide (one of only 23 in North America), and you’ve got yourselves a luxury spa that is not to be missed.

With soothing sounds, gracious details and southern touches throughout, the friendly staff at Kiawah Island Spa will make you feel right at home.  The ultimate romantic spa day or get pampered on your own, either way, you’ll be glad you did!

Live, travel and stay beautiful, darlings,


XO, Jone’t

The massage was provided by the Kiawah Island Spa and The Sanctuary Resort. We are most grateful for their gracious hospitality, however, the views and opinions expressed are our own and reflect our honest experience.

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