wool coat pink scarf and boots

You know those morning you can tell before you crawl out from under the snuggly warm covers, you’re in for a very frosty day? I LOVE this time of year!

After I’ve warmed myself by a roaring fire and had enough coffee to officially fill in for the Energizer Bunny at a moment’s notice, I’m off to my closet to figure out what I’ll be wearing for the day.

These cold, winter days leave me with two decisions, the usual what to wear but also, what outerwear and accessories shall I pair with my fabulously chic ensemble?

wool coat scarf and boots

My husband and I were headed downtown for the day, so I opted for this GORGEOUS boiled wool cape coat, a vibrant pink scarf, tall black boots, gloves, a Vince Camuto Handbag ON SALE NOW, sunglasses and yet another cup of jjjjjava and I was fashion-ready to hit the streets.

I found myself wondering exactly what the heck “boiled wool” was and why Ann Taylor thought it important enough to add it to the name of this coat. Now I get it; Boiled Wool is: “shrinking knitted or woven wool or wool-blend fabrics, compressing and interlocking the fibers into a tighter felt-like mass.

Which probably explains why this coat was not only beautiful, it was WARM! Thanks for boiling the wool, Ann.  Oh, and btw, it’s ON SALE right now!

wool coat scarf and boots


To shop the coat on this post, either click on the photo below, or the “SHOP” text link below.

Coat ~ Ann Taylor Boiled Wool Cape Coat *ON SALE NOW*
SHOP Ann Taylor Wool Cape Coat

So the answer to my outerwear question was an easy one: Wool Coat, Scarf & Boots!

What are your thoughts on this coat, on the season, or our blog? Talk to us in the Comments box below!

Stay warm darlings and enjoy the season,

XO, Jone’t


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