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I’ve got a confession to make… the frosty temps are reeking havoc on the heels of my feet and over-washed hands.

My skin feels parched like the Sahara Desert, which I find truly ironic, given the chilly overnight temperatures of late.

Since this is not my first dry skin rodeo, I turned to the “moisturizing lotion” graveyard currently residing in my bathroom drawer, in search of some relief.  But, alas, none was to be had.

My dry, cracked dogs were barkin at me begging for a little TLC. I knew it was time to try something different, but what?

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The Honest Company to the rescue (trumpets blaring).  They recently sent me a tube of their popular Organic Healing Balm to test (this had absolutely no influence on my honesty in this review) and this was a great opportunity to really put this product to the T E S T.

Before bed, I slathered a layer of this thick balm all over my tootsies. To boost the yet untested powers of this balm, I slid on my favorite oh-so-soft socks before taking the train to slumbertown.

The next morning, my feet were SOFT, the cracks and dryness, significantly improved. What??? Happy feet after just one application?  The Honest Company had my full attention.

Within a few days of repeating my new bedtime ritual, my heels were utterly transformed, the cracks HEELED (pardon the lame pun, had to do it, HAD TO!).

My hands, too, were now softer and more hydrated.  It seems that Organic Healing Balm forms a protective layer over skin, which locks in the moisturizing ingredients, even after hand washing.

That might explain why Organic Healing Balm is a popular baby diaper rash treatment. Clearly, this balm is an effective multi-tasker!


This is not a lotion, it’s a thick, yellow balm that combines the moisturizing and healing powers of Beeswax and Coconut Oil. Although there are some granules, they quickly melt into your skin.

Allure Magazine declared The Honest Company’s Organic Healing Balm a Best of Beauty Winner, and I can see why!

I like the fact that it stays in place, instead of sliding off my elbows or knees.

To me, this balm is odorless.

What We Love

It’s so refreshing to find a product that actually delivers on it’s promises.





Cruelty Free

Made in the U.S.A.

What We Don’t Love

The only thing I don’t LOVE about The Honest Company’s Organic Healing Balm is that it doesn’t come in a giant tub! This is one product I’ll be using year-round!

The Bottom Line

Whether you are trying to relieve dry cracked heels, parched skin, eczema, sunburn or diaper rash, The Honest Company has created a multi-tasking, moisturizing superstar in their The Honest Company Healing Balm Soothing Protection & Relief for Sensitive Skin & Diaper Rash,3 oz.. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!


XO, Jone’t


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2 Comments on Say Buh Bye to Dry Hands and Heels

  1. Laura Watson
    September 18, 2015 at 11:24 am (3 years ago)

    That stuff sounds great! I’m going to try it. Great article!

    • Jonet
      September 18, 2015 at 2:03 pm (3 years ago)

      Thanks Laura for your kind comment! Welcome to FCO50. Xo Jonet


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