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Best Beauty Deals | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Beauty Product Savings Bonanza! Alright my friends, if you’ve been hanging out with our fun tribe here at Fabulously Chic Over 50, you might have noticed that I’m rarely at a loss for words. In fact, one of my biggest challenges in writing posts, is limiting the endless words that flow from my over-caffeinated brain […] Read more…

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5 Ageless Fashion Staples You Need Pronto

Written for Obsessory You know you’ve discovered a bookmark-worthy website when it manages to combine fashion, beauty, shopping and eye-catching style inspiration all on one addictive site. Obsessory is that cyber spot, but we give you fair warning, get comfy, you’ll want to stay a while! I felt honored to be tapped by the editors […] Read more…

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The Fashionista Who Celebrates Color and Curves

She’s Got Style TALIZAT ~ TARILYN PORTLAND MAINE AGE 49 Today, our She’s Got Style private FCO50 tribe plane (dreaming) is traveling to the picturesque town of Portland Maine to meet our latest She’s Got Style global fashionista. Tarilyn, a lifelong collector of colorful and shiny things, fashion-lover and shopping enthusiast, introduces us to her vibrant […] Read more…

woman wearing shimmer eyeshadow

Shimmer Shadow Tutorial for Hooded Crepey Eyelids

Plus Hooded Eyelid Do’s and Don’ts You’ve probably heard it before, women with mature skin should never, ever, wear shimmer eyeshadows.  Well, yes, and no. For those of us with less than perky eyelids, swiping on a layer of sparkly, shimmery color, shines a neon light on every crepey, wrinkly line. Nobody wants that ladies, […] Read more…

wood sunglasses, straw hat on beach towel

Made in the Shade with Winkwood Sunglasses

Fashion styles and trends come and go like the seasons.  The trick to creating a fashion name for yourself is all in the details, darlings. Finding unusual and unforgettable accessories is worth the effort, and this slick pair of wood sunglasses sent by Winkwood, are the ultimate statement-makers! These light-weight, two toned shades are carved from […] Read more…

woman in paisley dress

Paisley And The Dress | Over 50 Fashion

Plus a Nod to the Cold Shoulder Please pardon my obsession but, oh paisley, how I love thee.  If I were given a thousand fabrics to choose from, like a super magnet, I’d pick the curvy, swirly fun of paisley every time. This joyous dress combines white with swirls of heavenly caramel toned paisley, then […] Read more…

menopause sign

Relief From Menopause Symptoms Naturally

Hot Flash Parody Video The menopause monster and all the maddening, crazy, uncomfortable things she packs in her suitcase when she arrives to stay; let’s discuss. The term “hot flash” doesn’t really adequately describe them, does it now?  I’m renaming mine Inferno Flashes. When one of my inferno flashes hits me, it feels like I […] Read more…

woman walking down stairs

Giving Summer Style The Cold Shoulder

I’m about to sound like my Grandma here but back in my day, giving someone the cold shoulder meant you were ignoring them. These days the cold shoulder is a bon-a-fide fashion term describing one of the hottest summer trends of the season.   To add another layer of cool trending style to this fabulous […] Read more…

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