Halloween Pumpkins
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It’s spooky too think this year is flying by faster than a chic witch on a bedazzled broomstick, but ready or not, it’s Halloween. When you get to be our age, the hubster and I can’t wait for the adorable trick or treaters to ring our door bell. Even our fur babies, Bubba and Daisy, get in on the fun, decked out each year in a different costume. Word on the street, Daisy’s the cutest bumble bee in South Carolina!

dog in halloween costume

Just in case you want to get into the spirit, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite easy spooktacular DIY Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube. These talented ladies will have you Halloween ready in no time!

Maleficent Makeup Tutorial by Miranda Hedman

Easy Vampire Teeth Lipstick by Eyedolize Makeup

Easy Scar by Beautiful You TV

Lip Injections Gone Wrong by Irisbeilin

Easy Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Danielle Mansutti

Porcelain Doll by Real Techniques

Easy The Cheshire Cat by JosieK

Easy Skull Makeup Tutorial by Chrisspy


May your doorstep be filled with a multitude of utterly adorable mini goblins and ghouls.
Happy Halloween, ya’ll!

XO, Jone’t 

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